Guo Jingjing makes dumplings on New Year’s Eve, Fok Qigang feeds them into his mouth, and his daughter wants to become a figure skater

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Many athletes have a worry after retirement, that is, their career is basically spent in training and competition, after retirement, how to open a new chapter of life?Olympic diving champion Guo Jingjing has no such worries. She and Fok started a happy family after retirement and now have three children together.Guo, who often shares her daily life with her fans on social media, showed off some sweet moments during the Spring Festival.Guo jingjing made dumplings on New Year’s Eve, and she posted a video on social media to share how she and her husband, Fok, made dumplings together.In the video, Fok explains why he shares his cooking process with everyone. “Stay at home on New Year’s Eve.Cooking by oneself is also a sentiment, a kind of happiness.”Guo Jingjing in the side began to fry pepper oil, in the process of oil, the couple is a “fight scene”, Fok qigang has been repeating “don’t mess with me”, Guo Jingjing heard after is smiling from ear to ear.The sweet family atmosphere also attracted the attention of many netizens, who wished Guo a happy New Year in the comments section.Fok then said, “I accidentally hit the eggshell into the egg,” Guo jingjing is shy to turn away.When it comes to mixing the stuffing, Fok wants to help, but Guo laughs and refuses.Huo Wanted to mix the stuffing with his hands, Guo Jingjing smiled and stopped, “No, no one made the stuffing with his hands!”In the face of the link, Guo also taught Fok how to press the dumpling skin.Fok then took matters into his own hands and made a heart-shaped dumpling skin, which amused Guo and turned her heart to the camera.But Guo jingjing said next let her come, the progress can be a little faster.Huo Qigang heard after politely declined, he felt quite satisfied, “this is good, heart-shaped dumpling skin!”Under the tacit understanding of cooperation, Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang finally wrapped a bowl of dumplings.Huo Qigang is also very happy, bluntly finally accomplished, wrapped, of course, is cooked to eat.In the part of boiling dumplings, Guo Jingjing specially made the steps of boiling dumplings, remind everyone to boil the water and then put the dumplings, and then add three times of cold water, it can be said that Guo Jingjing is really very thoughtful.When the dumplings were cooked, Huo Qigang held a plate of dumplings to wish everyone a happy New Year, “we two couples, I hope to be happy with you in the early years, I hope that the next year, the Year of the Tiger can be as full as our dumplings!Guo Jingjing is a face of happiness, in the side to make New Year’s greetings.While eating dumplings, Fok also made a heart-warming gesture, that is, to feed Guo Jingjing dumplings.Coincidentally, Guo had picked up a dumpling of her own, and Fok smiled and said, “Wife, come on, why don’t you eat mine?”Fok then fed the dumpling into Guo’s mouth. Guo smiled again and praised it as delicious.It seems that homemade dumplings taste better, but the scene in which Fok feeds guo with his own hands has prompted netizens to say how sweet it is!It is worth mentioning that Guo jingjing and Fok qigang’s daughter gradually grew up.In an interview with the media, Fok said he likes ice and snow sports very much, and said that figure skating is his favorite sport with Guo Jingjing.Finally, Fok revealed that one of Guo’s dreams is for her daughter to become a figure skater.Now the Beijing Winter Olympics is about to open, I believe fok qigang and Guo Jingjing are also very concerned about this event.However, guo Jingjing, the Olympic diving champion, did not choose to let her daughter choose the diving event, but wants her daughter to become a figure skater, which really brings us no small surprise.As for whether Guo jingjing’s daughter will compete in the Winter Olympics in the future, let’s wait and see.