Dandelion soaking in water is good for health?Find these 3 “partner”, protect liver, detoxification, skin is better

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Dandelion is a kind of grass we contact more, although it is very humble, but in the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, it is a good medicine to cure people.Dandelion soaking water to drink, will bring a lot of health benefits, this is well-known health knowledge.However, how to play dandelion on the health of the greatest effectiveness, this is worth everyone to learn.In fact, dandelion on the health of the human body “assist”, but also need to have these 3 “partners” to join forces to complete, adhere to drinking water, liver, detoxification, the skin is getting better and better.Red dates are women’s favorite fruit, dried red dates, can be used for health, especially in the blood and qi, red dates have a unique effect, which is why many women like it.So, red dates and dandelion collocation together, and what benefits will bring to health?In fact, putting dates and dandelions together can not only improve the taste of dandelion water, but also promote the release of the medicine of each other.Red dates can promote dandelion liver, liver protection, dandelion can promote the effect of red dates blood and qi, the two do not conflict, this is also the important reason why red dates and dandelion can complement each other.2 dandelion collocation chrysanthemum dandelion can promote the body’s toxin discharge, for the liver has a certain care effect.But dandelion alone, it is difficult to effectively remove all the toxins in the body.Therefore, this requires everyone to learn to work together with dandelion and chrysanthemum collocation together, play to their own advantages, can bring benefits to their health.Chrysanthemum can be used to clear the fire health good medicine, with chrysanthemum soak water to drink, can clear the fire.Similarly, if the dandelion and chrysanthemum collocation together, for the liver fire, detoxification effect, can play to the best.So, with chrysanthemum this good “partner”, can bump out more fire flowers.Roses can not only be appreciated, but also used as medicine for health.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dandelion is cold, and roses can just neutralize the cold nature of dandelion, so the combination of the two can play a better health care effect.On the one hand, rose has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It can regulate the endocrine function of the human body and has a positive effect on the excretion of toxins in the body.On the other hand, roses and dandelions together can promote the body to detoxify, help the liver to clear heat and detoxify, which is more conducive to the health of the liver, so that the burden of detoxification of the liver can be reduced, so that the better operation of the whole body, are very helpful.We usually keep in good health to pay attention to, learn to combine these “partners” with dandelion together, care for liver health, double the effect, but also skin care.