A 39-year-old Prince of Dubai has had a baby boy and a girl after his brother abdicated at an early age

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As one of the most handsome princes in the world, Hamdan’s face is obvious to all.Every time the man in the Middle East posts a picture of his life on his social media platform, he gets a lot of screaming from his fans.Hamdan, born in 1982, is the second son of dubai’s current ruler and grand Princess.Needless to say, born into such a family, Hamdan was naturally born with a golden key in his mouth.He not only inherited his father’s wisdom, but also inherited his mother’s appearance level, perfect like the prince in the fairy tale!Among the world’s royal families, dubai’s royal family is the fourth richest, with an estimated fortune of around $200 billion.With his family as a solid financial backer, Hamdan has lived comfortably since childhood.Like many other rich young men, Hamdan is a collector of luxury cars.He has nearly 1,000 world-class luxury cars to his name, including more than 200 rolls-Royces alone.It’s beyond the imagination of ordinary people.Not only did Hamdan love cars, but he also enjoyed working with small animals.In order to keep close contact with the animals, Hamdan opened a zoo in his backyard to protect the animals.Here, there are not only valuable horses, but also lions, snow leopards such extremely fierce animals.The funny thing is that under Hamdan’s patient taming, these irascible animals have become extraordinarily gentle.Of course, Hamdan is not a dandy young man who only loves pleasure.As the second child in his family, Hamdan was not initially made crown prince.Although he had no chance of succession, he was still strict with himself and came to England alone to study at the royal Military Academy sandhurst, a famous military academy.After graduating from military school, Hamdan went on to the London School of Economics and Political Science.In his spare time, he often surfs and plays soccer, which has kept him in great shape over the years.Such a positive son, makes the old chieftain very pleased.So when Hamdan returned home, his father appointed him chairman of dubai’s executive council and gave him oversight of government operations.The old chief had high hopes for his second son.According to the plot, Hamdan will use his intelligence to help his father and brother to achieve great things.But everything seems to have its own providence, god does not want to waste such talent as Hamdan, do not want him to be a foil for others all his life.In 2015, Hamdan’s brother rashid, crown prince of the Dubai royal family, died unexpectedly.The throne could not be left empty, so Hamdan was appointed by his father as the new crown prince, the future successor to the country.Hamdan seems better suited to the throne than his older brother, Rashid.Despite being the eldest son, Rashid was unambitious, a drunkard and a mediocre political and military man with no outstanding achievements.Moreover, Rashid had a violent temper and was unpopular because he had almost killed his secretary over a trivial matter.Therefore, Rashid’s accidental death is actually an opportunity for the old sheikh to “establish a sage”. From the perspective of the long-term development of the country, it is a wise choice to elect Hamdan as the crown prince.With more than 10 million followers on social media, Hamdan has fans all over the world.Unfortunately, he’s already taken someone else.In fact, in Dubai, royal families often marry first Cousins to keep their bloodlines pure.Hamdan’s wife was his cousin Princess Sheikha, whom he had been in love with for more than 10 years.Because of the region’s tradition, women are often not allowed to be seen in public, confined to their boudoir from birth and wearing thick veils when they leave the house.Princess Sheikhar is no exception. Although she is hamdan’s rightful wife, few people have ever seen her.All princess Shahak has left is a photograph of herself as a child.It can be seen that, although sheikha was still a child at that time, he had a very good facial morphology, especially the deep features, which are particularly delicate on the beautiful face.It is not difficult to imagine that such a beautiful child and Hamdan must be a perfect match.However, the rumors about the “happiest woman in the world” never seem to stop.Princess Sheikha’s mother and Hamdan’s mother, Princess Hurd, are sisters, so they were childhood friends, and they entered into a marriage contract at an early age.Hamdan and Sheikha married in secret in 2019.Less than two years after marriage, the couple had a happy crystallization.In May last year, Hamdan was delighted to announce the birth of his twins by Posting a pair of baby photos on social media.Hamdan also chose the name of his newborn son carefully. The son was named after the old chief, which showed his respect for his father.His daughter is named after Princess Shekhar, showing his love for his wife.In dubai’s patriarchal royal family, Hamdan’s affection and single-mindedness are at odds with those of other men — dubai law recognises polygamy and it is the norm for men to have multiple wives or concubines.Hamdan’s father, for example, had six wives.Now, nearly 40 years of Hamdan has not accepted the second princess, it can be seen that the relationship between the two stable.After all, with his inheritance, a beautiful wife and two children, Hamdan was already a real winner.