Netizens suggest borrowing “snow in the fierce knife line” to promote Chaohu lake, the official: ready to please starring when the recommendation officer

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According to the People’s Daily online “leadership message board” on February 14 news, in response to netizens’ suggestions “take advantage of the snow to expand the popularity of Chaohu Lake, promote the construction of Hefei culture and tourism,” the secretary of Hefei, Anhui Province, said 14, has invited the lead actor of the drama as chaohu culture and tourism recommendation officer as a reserve publicity project.On January 27, netizens left a message on People’s Daily online to hefei party Secretary, saying that they suggested taking advantage of the “Fierce Sword in snow” to help the construction of cultural tourism in Hefei.It said that the recent TV series “Fierce knife in the snow” hit, the 16th episode of the play mentioned eight hundred miles of spring lake, the lake has a mountain island, and chaohu lake scenery.At present, Hefei is creating an international famous tourist city, chaohu national tourism and leisure area can borrow this play marketing promotion, and even consider inviting the leading role in the TV drama as Chaohu cultural travel recommendation officer, in order to rapidly expand the popularity of Chaohu.The secretary of Hefei, anhui province, replied on February 14 that staff from the city’s cultural and tourism bureau told the netizen by phone about the post on the bureau’s wechat account, and that the invitation for the show’s leading actors to serve as cultural and tourism recommendation officers for Chaohu Lake has been listed as a reserve publicity project, which the netizen acknowledged.The paper noted that the “article published by the Bureau on wechat” in the reply refers to an article published by hefei Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism on its wechat account “Hefei Culture and Tourism Release” on February 7..The article said that the recent TV series “Fierce Sword in the Snow” hit, his Royal Highness Xu Fengnian twice traveled to the rivers and lakes, down the Qingcheng Mountain, along the Yanzi River, shutan and Jiantan, and then to the spring lake, there is an island in the spring lake, named Shan Island, this is not our 800 li chaohu?According to the article, among the beautiful scenery of chaohu Lake, the “no.1 scenic spot in lake Heaven” is The Middle Temple of Meishan Island.Visitors to chaohu Nanshan Island scenic area will praise the “dynamic landscape, the words are not empty”!Far view of the mu Mountain, water wide tianyuan, beautiful lai, juanxiu scenery;Landing on the island, in the middle of an independent lake, the winding shore is very picturesque.However, netizens have different opinions on which lake spring Lake refers to in real life.A netizen named “Kuihua Qinxiang” wrote that the 800li Spring Goddess Lake in the book may be Dongting Lake.It said that there is an island in the center of spring Lake, called Mu Mountain.There is also a small island in Dongting Lake called Junshan.So, is Mu Mountain junshan?Another small island in the center of the lake is in the middle of Chaohu Lake in Hefei city, Anhui Province.But chaohu lake is obviously too far away from Xiangfan, an important location in The film.It can be interpreted that the author moved the Mu Mountain to Dongting Lake.However, there is actually chunshen Lake, 15 kilometers north of Suzhou city, on the south side of Huangdai Ancient Town, but this lake is less than 2 square kilometers.Therefore, the spring Lake in The Snow is a hotchpotch of three.Public data shows, the snow line welding knife is directed by xiao-fei song, Zhang Reyun, Li Geng, hu jun, starring, wei-guang gao in particular, flora, guest starring Liu Duan side, the high heart, xiao-jie tian, Wang Tianchen, Mr. Li, ding smile ying, Dong Yan, Liao Huijia, Sun Yali, Meng Ziyi inspirational drama co-star of martial arts, etc.The drama is based on the novel of the same name written by One of the great emperors of Fenghuo Opera. It tells the story of Xu Fengnian, the son of an old family who goes through hardships and eventually becomes the King of Northern Success.The drama premiered on The CCTV DRAMA Channel on December 15, 2021 and has now finished airing.(This article is from For more original news, please download APP.)