Letters of sympathy to residents of centralized medical observation points and containment areas

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Letter of Sympathy to the Residents of the Central Medical Observation Point, The Central Medical Observation Point, the Central Medical Control Area: The Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger is coming.At this moment, for the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control in the Capital, you give up your small homes for everyone, and cannot go out of your homes or communities to feel the thick flavor of the New Year.This Spring Festival is bound to be different, but thanks to your efforts, the city has become more confident and confident in the face of the epidemic.Beijing residents have always been considerate and willing to contribute to major events, urban construction and epidemic prevention and control.At this time, you are demonstrating the good qualities of Beijing citizens with your practical actions.Thank you for your quiet efforts. You are all unsung heroes and everyone is amazing.One city, one home.One seal (tube) control area, warm flow: children in the window posted a note Shouting “Baymax”, you have worked hard;On a snowy night, residents played fiddles for the volunteers who stood by.Citizens turn on the warm air in their private cars and ask volunteers to warm their hands…All these “little things” show the civilization of citizens in the capital and interpret the real meaning of “The best district”.I’m sure there will be a lot of inconvenience when I’m stuck in my room or home, but you still fully understand and actively cooperate with the prevention and control work.The city is moving for you, and we are here to watch over you.We have prepared enough grain, oil, meat, eggs and milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, and all kinds of daily necessities, so that this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner will not be inferior to previous ones.We will try our best to provide considerate service, so that you can have a good New Year at home, a different New Year.We will listen carefully to your opinions and appeals.We will help you solve your difficulties in time.If there is still need, you can contact the community staff at any time, you can also call 12345 citizen service hotline, we will respond in time, answer the complaint immediately.Having experienced this time together, I believe we can better understand the meaning of helping each other and feel the temperature of this city.Winter will pass, spring will come.We will certainly be able to overcome the storm of the epidemic and keep the spring warm and bloom.Let us be full of confidence, together in times of trouble, together to the future!Here, I wish you all a happy and happy Year of the Tiger, good health and all the best!Beijing COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group January 31, 2022 (original title: Letter of Sympathy to residents of Centralized Medical Observation Points and Containment Areas) source: Beijing Daily Client process editor: U028