Client: Unhappy families have the right to pursue happiness

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Posted a video of dancing in husband’s bedside Thought was “cursed” out money on newspaper reporter in taizhou xianju visit party: unhappy family also have the right to the pursuit of happiness Our reporter Chen Dong Xianju county, taizhou, woman Cui Fangli how can think of entertaining a dance video on the Internet, after he was “cursed” out.Cui Fangli is a villager from Banqiao Village, Pantan Township, Xianju County.Three years ago, her husband was crippled by a stroke caused by a brain hemorrhage.These years, the burden of taking care of her husband fell on Cui Fangli.On Jan 25, the eve of the Spring Festival, Cui Fangli tried to relax herself by dancing in front of her ailing husband’s bed, but she was questioned and reviled by many netizens.On February 13, reporters arrived at Cui Fangli’s home, exclusive visit to the family.Cui Fangli and her husband Fang Jianhui, from classmates to husband and wife, “have been married for more than 20 years and never had a red face and a quarrel.”Talking about her husband, Cui Fangli’s face would be filled with a warm smile.In January 2019, Fang jianhui was so excited while watching a football match at home that he suffered a brain hemorrhage and went into a coma.When doctors examined him, they found that he had bleeding from the brain stem, barely breathing and a heartbeat.After an emergency consultation, the expert told Cui fangli that from a medical point of view, the rescue is not meaningful. “Even if we can save our lives, we are likely to be in a vegetative state for the rest of our lives.”At that time, Fang jianhui’s parents, relatives and friends arrived at the hospital, although desperately reluctant to give up, but considering the burden and pressure in the future, they all agreed to give up — except Cui Fangli.”I couldn’t take it in at the time. The person I loved was fine just now. How can I say that when someone is gone, they are gone?”Choi bang-ri knelt down before the doctors and her relatives and pleaded, “Don’t give up. I will take care of him even if he is in a vegetative state.”At the insistence of Cui Fangli, rescue Fang Jianhui surgery began.Just as the doctor said, fang Jianhui, who had temporarily saved his life, had been in a vegetative state after surgery.Many urged Cui to stop being so hard on herself and start a new family while she was still young — she was only 44 at the time.Cui fangli did not listen, “I asked to save people, no matter how difficult life will be in the future, I will carry on, no regrets.”Perhaps moved by her persistence and care, Fang Jianhui, a vegetative, opened her eyes after more than two months.That day, Cui Fangli burst into tears.The grievance and heartache that had been suppressed for too long burst out at that moment. “Fortunately, I didn’t give up. I was so happy at that moment.”No matter what, She said, it was better to have her husband around than to have his picture hanging on the wall.Entering the room, qian Bao · Hour reporter could hardly believe that this was the home of a patient who had been lying in bed for more than 3 years. The room was clean and spotless, and there was no smell of peculiar smell, but there was a slight sweet smell in the air.In the small bedroom, full of all kinds of instruments – in this more than 20 flat place, Cui Fangli not only take care of her husband’s daily diet, but also help him to do rehabilitation training.”I bought almost everything my husband could use.”Every morning, Cui Fangli feeds her husband breakfast first.After Fang Jianhui fell ill, he could not speak and could not eat independently. Cui Fangli beat food with a wall breaking machine and then pushed it directly into the stomach with a needle through a nasal tube.After breakfast, Ms. Cui wheeled her husband into a room filled with rehabilitation equipment for an early workout to keep his muscles from completely atrophiing.Fang jianhui eats five times a day.In addition to the three meals, Cui also prepares some fresh fruit for afternoon tea and a nutritious meal in the evening.But she often eats only two meals a day.Now Fang jianhui, under the care of Cui Fangli, has fully regained consciousness.He understands and sees, and communication can be conveyed through simple gestures and body movements.The tacit understanding between husband and wife let Cui Fangli can read his needs through a look in her husband’s eyes.Every two hours, Cui has to suck sputum for Fang jianhui, who is intubated in his throat. To make her husband comfortable, Cui keeps the high-power oxygen machine running, regardless of the electricity bill.There are two notebooks in her drawer. One is her husband’s daily blood pressure and the other is the condolence money from her relatives and friends.After her husband fell ill, the couple struggled to make ends meet with the little money they earned from their previous business.Every year, cui fangli helps her friends to earn some living expenses. “We don’t have the ability to pay them back, but when I turn over these ‘kindness’, I feel that my heart is hot and powerful.”Cui and Fang have two children, an older daughter who just graduated and works as a trainee nurse at a hospital, and a younger son who is in sixth grade.Meanwhile, the reporter happened to meet the village secretary To visit Fang Jianhui party secretary, Cui Fangli really moved him, “Cui Fangli is really sentient and righteous, take care of her husband so well.””I don’t know how far my husband can go with me. If I can, I hope he will stay with me for the rest of my life.”Cui Fangli told reporters.In the face of the abuse, she remained optimistic and talked with Cui Fangli. The reporter felt that the woman in front of her was like a small sun. The haze of life could not cover her, and her husband’s misfortune and life were not easy to break her down.”I am a happy-go-lucky person. No matter how hard life is, I will not complain, but still laugh.”Cui fangli told the reporter that she likes dancing best. “Before, I used to go to the square and dance with people from the village.But when my husband got sick, I couldn’t go anywhere, so SOMETIMES I just danced at home by myself.”Not long ago, Cui spent 25 yuan on a selfie stick to record her story of taking care of her husband with her mobile phone, and occasionally danced in front of her husband’s hospital bed to amuse herself. She had no idea that an 18-second video of dancing would cause such a stir.Countless netizens said that Cui Fangli could dance so enthusiastically in front of her sick husband’s bed, calling her “heartless” and “longing for her husband’s death”.At that time, Cui Fangli opened his douyin, can receive a pile of scold her private letter, how ugly how scold.”Aren’t you angry?”Reporter asked Cui Fangli.She smiled and shook her head. “I don’t care about anything, and I don’t need an explanation, except my husband’s life.Only myself and those around me know whether I treat my husband well or not. I have a clear conscience.”Cui fangli said that her husband was very supportive of her when she shot videos and uploaded douyin, and she would “review” every video for her husband before uploading it. “I just wanted to share our daily struggles with the disease, but I didn’t expect to be criticized by netizens.But from another point of view, I also inadvertently fire a, nothing bad ah!”She, as expected optimistic.Cui fangli revealed that after the incident, a netizen who scolded her sent her a private letter of apology, which she accepted generously. “Please don’t speculate on others with the biggest malice before you get to the bottom of the truth.Who says unhappy families have no right to the pursuit of happiness?”Source: Qianjiang Evening News