Chang De: digital empowerment, “electricity” warm home

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During the Spring Festival, The State Grid Changde Power Supply Company always takes ensuring the safe and reliable supply of electricity as the first responsibility, and tries its best to meet the people’s demand for electricity, so as to ensure that customers can use warm heart electricity, secure electricity and timely electricity.Among them, digital way, is playing an increasingly large role.Electric power digitalization + Spring Festival, what sparks will be generated in the hearts of people returning home in the Year of Yin and Tiger of Ren Yin?Take a look.”I went home two days ago, and the power supply company came. Now the power supply service in my hometown is really intimate.”On January 24, the company’s Dongfanghong (electric mule) Communist Party member service team took the initiative to provide door-to-door service for returning personnel to check electrical equipment, and preach safe electricity knowledge, which was highly recognized by customers.During the Spring Festival, the company used big data to accurately screen and predict returnees, and promptly delivered electricity service to their homes, providing reliable power guarantee for returnees returning home for the holiday.Take the initiative to provide door-to-door service for returning personnel.During the Spring Festival, migrant workers are returning to their hometowns one after another. In order to provide accurate electricity service, the company uses the “digital screening” method to extract user data and list users with sudden increase in electricity during the Spring Festival from 2019 to 2022. Then, it makes comparison and analysis with the data of returning hometowns in the community grid to timely grasp the dynamics of returning people.By means of short message, wechat group, telephone communication, door-to-door visits, etc., we can understand the electricity demand of returning personnel, and guarantee the electricity service in advance to eliminate the hidden trouble of customers’ electricity consumption.In order to improve the convenience of customers, the company also carried out the promotion of “Online State grid” APP at the same time, opened up a “green channel” to save the time for customers to do electricity, so that customers can easily handle all kinds of common electricity business.Risk prediction, the service of the majority of customers with “peace of mind electricity” “yi, my home electricity no problem ah, how the electrician came?”On February 4th, zhang Xiaoying, a customer of Kowloon Antai district of Deshan Economic Development Zone, felt confused when the company’s employees suddenly visited her.”Aunt, don’t be nervous, you have no problem with electricity, but we have detected the hidden danger of terminal low voltage in your home through big data, so come and have a look!”Taiwan area manager Zou Lihua explained with a smile.”That good that good, electric power big data really fierce, the person hasn’t arrived to know which have a problem!”After hearing the explanation, Aunt Zhang was relieved.In a piece of laughter, duty staff Yao Kai, Zou Lihua adopted the load end phase modulation way to solve the low voltage problem in Aunt Zhang’s home.Analyze user low voltage through data application.The above is an epitome of the power outage prediction and low-voltage user monitoring carried out by the company during the Spring Festival power protection period to ensure residents’ power consumption.It is understood that the company used data technology to predict the risk of power failure in the platform area and line during the Spring Festival, eliminate power failure in advance, and reduce the risk of power failure and customer complaints during the Spring Festival.Through the area with variable gear identification data application and sharing digital application center on the area of low voltage distribution network user details to conduct a comprehensive carding and carry out special visit, before the problem occurred by unbalanced three-phase load adjusting, meet the household processing lines such as poor contact way to carry out the end of the low voltage rectification, truly in the case of customer perception “zero” to solve electricity hidden trouble,We will vigorously ensure that people have access to reliable, satisfactory and reliable electricity.Online monitoring, service new energy vehicles charged “timely electricity” “Thank you!Thank you very much!Your national grid is so well served!””Mr. Chen, a car owner who just returned to Changde from Shenzhen, said gratefully as he took the steaming ginger tea from the power supply service staff.Mr. Chen said he was the first time back to hunan, new energy cars also have worried before departure along the way, the difficulty of charging, thought home changes so fast, the transportation is convenient, the charging station is much, also by E charging stations use nearby the APP can also clearly see, easily find the latest free site, less go to success.”Service personnel guide passing vehicles to charge in an orderly manner.With the increasing number of vehicles returning to their hometowns, in order to relieve the charging pressure of new energy vehicles returning to “Hunan”, the company actively provides charging station guarantee services and guidance during the Spring Festival.New energy vehicles are parked at the charging station of Liuyehu Station on Jan. 26.Through big data monitoring, the company noticed that the charging station was fully loaded at noon for a consecutive week, and there might be a surplus of charging vehicles.Therefore, the operation and maintenance personnel of the company’s ELECTRIC vehicle Department came to the site for guidance, and monitored the use of charging stations in real time through the merchant service platform of the Internet of Vehicles and the State Grid electric E-charging APP, so as to “search” idle stations for car owners in a hurry and distribute them to nearby idle charging stations for charging.In the charging gap, the power supply service personnel to the owner of the various questions one by one to answer, and formulate a reasonable return route.In the face of the warm service of the power supply service personnel, the charging owners who had been waiting anxiously also gradually filled with a bright smile.In less than half an hour at noon, the service staff of the company used the real-time query function of idle charging piles on the State Grid electric E-charging APP to find the charging “destination” for 12 new energy vehicles, saving the car owners 6 to 12 hours of waiting time in total.Monitor the operation data of charging piles.The company, with the advantages in the power of digital technology, continuous monitoring analysis industry and residential electricity situation, focusing on key industries, key enterprises, new energy industry to carry out specific analysis, real-time grasp first-hand and joint departments and units to carry out active service, top service, safeguard the people had a bright, auspicious New Year.