Weima again by large-scale rights protection, “lock” continued fermentation, listing hopeless?

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As of 14 o ‘clock on February 11, 2022, Weimar Automobile still has not released the sales situation of January 2022, which is extremely rare in the new force.After all, Wei Xiaoli usually announces the sales figures of the previous month on the first day of each month, and at least before the 5th, no matter how difficult it is to organize the language.The fact that Weima is still silent about sales in February, almost halfway through the month, can only show that the situation is really not optimistic.The gloom in the markets has been matched by growing activism.At present, a large number of Weima owners jointly launched a lawyer’s letter, asking Weima to admit the fact of “locking electricity”, and improve the design defects, also let Weima feel troubled.As one of the new forces in the past, Weima seems not to have eaten the dividend of the rapid development of new energy vehicles.What’s wrong with it?Let’s take a look at kung Fu Car.(1) spontaneous combustion, want to rely on “lock electricity” to turn over?In October last year, Weima experienced four consecutive burns, which, like previous episodes of spontaneous combustion, did not seem to have a good solution.After all, There are so many battery suppliers that it is difficult even to trace the source, let alone with the current size of Weimar, there is not much bargaining power, so we can only let it go.However, what Weima did was very surprising. Since the end of last year, under the pretext of holding activities such as “Welcome New Year users special excellent” and giving 200 yuan jingdong card, Weima inspected the vehicles of 18,888 so-called “lucky users” and then forced users to “upgrade” through OTA during the inspection.The original full battery voltage is about 407.5V, but after “upgrade”, the full battery voltage is only about 396.5V.In fact, the principle is also simple, that is, only let the power charge to 95% of the total capacity, that is, “lock the power”.The reason for This is simple. For lithium batteries, “overcharge” and “overdischarge” are probably the most harmful things, which can easily cause damage to the battery.Most people will pay more attention not to empty the electricity, but “overcharge” is almost inevitable, this piece of car companies are almost the choice of hard.Weimar is a little can not endure, chose to “lock the battery”, so a lane, can indeed improve the safety of the battery to a certain extent.But as a result, the already limited battery life is even more stretched.Users generally said that the “upgrade” after the vIMA range loss of dozens of kilometers.The most critical is this kind of behavior, can in this period of real money to support the new power of Weima users, almost without exception are die-hard fans.If Mr. Wayma had admitted that he couldn’t solve the problem and negotiated with customers to “turn off the electricity,” many might have agreed.But through this kind of deceptive way to place the user together, it is really too simple and rough.Therefore, after the incident, there have been a large number of owners organized, vowed to wei Ma “for a statement.”Weima motor is required to admit to such outrageous behavior as “locking the electricity”, apologize to the owners, and carry out relevant compensation, compensation.Unfortunately, as with the previous continuous spontaneous combustion, weima officials kept absolutely silent on this matter, and did not give an open and clear way to deal with it and opinions, probably preparing to give up this batch of car owners tired.(2) Sales and service are in a mess. What happened to Weima?Weima is an established new force in China, which was founded in 2015.If considering its predecessor, the three-power system research and development enterprise, it should be established in 2012, can be said to be the absolute time-honored brand in China.In 2019, with the strong performance of EX5, VIMA became the single model delivery champion in the new force of car making.At that time, Weima can be said to be more beautiful than ideal and Xiaopeng.But as 2020 approached, Weima was quickly eclipsed by several other new powers.Not only did it fail to catch up with the rush to market, but sales growth lagged significantly behind that of its peers, largely because of wayma’s chaotic management.The first is the lack of publicity ability, for example, when we mention NIO, we know luxury, electricity;When we think of ideals, we think of six-seater dad cars, free of range anxiety.Speaking of Xiaopeng, we know automatic driving and fast charging.Even for the second-tier new force like the Zero Race, we at least know that it is very cost-effective. The C11 is the so-called half-price Model Y.But weimar propaganda, it seems, has never been out of the circle, and has been around for so long that few people have heard of it.And in sales, Weimar has been hesitant.At present, Weimar’s sales mainly fall into two categories: experience stores and user centers, among which experience stores are directly operated by Weimar, while user centers are mostly operated by third-party franchisees.Due to poor management, Weima has begun to close or transfer some directly operated stores and rely more on third-party franchisees.One problem is that Weema has gradually lost control of prices.For example, when someone wants to buy a car, the price varies from place to place. This is common in traditional car companies, but it is really unacceptable for new forces.Users might think, well, I might as well buy a Tesla or nio, or at least ask for it.And in the service, franchisees are often not so concerned.They will consciously identify what services can “make money”, such as car repairs and maintenance, and even make as much money as possible.That to the user to introduce marketing these thankless things, naturally need not mention.The most critical thing is when Weima turned its direct-sale stores out one after another.Those service personnel who came to Weima jumped from weima employees to 4S shop selling cars, and many directly chose to job-hop.The training and training that Weima has done in the early stage are basically zero.As things stand now, Weima’s sales and service capabilities have been pulled apart by other new forces.(3) There is no bright spot in the product, and the launch is far away?Lucky for Waymar, it has EX5.As the first model launched by WeIMA, it almost bears all the glory of Weima and has been the sales force of WEima since its launch.Unfortunately for the Wayma, which only has the EX5, positioning of other models seems questionable.Weimar now has three major models, namely weimar EX5 priced at 149,800 to 159,800 yuan, Weimar W6 priced at 169,800 to 239,800 yuan, and Weimar E.5 priced at 150,100-170,100 yuan.Yes, all three cars are in the 150,000-200k level and are totally beating themselves up.The so-called 239,800 yuan of W6 is supported by the combination of 600km range and automatic driving.The point is, how many people are willing to pay that kind of money for a self-driving Wayma?So in fact it is still positioned perfectly with EX5.About wei ma mean let user to choose the level model, the first thought of the horse, after all, the compact SUV, mid-size SUV, midsize sedan, but the reality is a gifted big market, and most users also can’t distinguish it this car in addition to size, other aspects are what kind of difference.That said, since the launch of the EX5, Weimar has never had a big breakthrough.Including its several new car appearance, can let a person see the shadow of EX5, really can not give the user how much freshness.The much-hyped OTA upgrades were mostly dashboard skin updates, with few tangible improvements.In November, Weima announced it had raised a record amount of money for a new power.But investors see this estimate will be wry smile, burned so much money is still listed hopeless, this is not hit face is what?After EX5, where is the next model that can be played, or EX5 is about to be replaced, and how to attract more users, which is probably the most important thing weima needs to worry about at present.(4) In the past two years, Weimar not only lost in the competition with Wei Xiaoli, but also had many problems in its product layout, sales operation and service, showing its weakness.It doesn’t matter if the sales in January are not announced, but the problem can not be solved, after all, the road to go is still quite long, do not cold the heart of true love powder.