The early spring that 40 years old woman wears takes a rule, intellectual elegance does not break gentleness reduces age, go to work recreational all suit

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Clothing collocation in invisible has become a woman’s name card, dress fashion decent and generous, natural can get good impression, if in some occasions not formal enough, some casual, it will affect the individual image.Over 40, they should dress in a simple way, with some basic colors, basic style to win a good temperament.The most frequent appearance on the street in winter is the long coat.The diversity of its color and the inclusiveness of its design can make women dump it.Nevertheless, the choice of long coat is not without limitation, should have the standard of certain choice color however.Your skin color number slant white, so color ground chooses profusion a little bit, beautiful beautiful some also unforgivable, if natural skin color is a little gloomy, put on too bright sheet to taste too inappropriate.All aspects of the general office worker, you can try this one to wear, using a combination of light color long coat and small foot pants, so that the outline of clothing does not have any sense of expansion, let the skinny leg sense of beauty show.The simpler the color selection, the more you can create a combination or look.Attention should be paid to the choice of color, this is because we are all visual animals and certainly the first pay attention to the clothing color matching is a person, however, too much beautiful or bright eye color, is not also friendly to ordinary people, have a cold white or only a few, so you can focus on some of the above have a foil effect on skin coat.Like this coat, concise color can not cover up its own contains enough generous beauty.In the lower half body can cooperate brunet small foot pants, try to wrap the boot that lives crus position to cooperate, can show the fluent beauty of leg ministry incisively and vividly.This style of dress also allows women to have a certain aura and not be overly formal and spontaneous.Using the combination of long coat and feet pants, if concerns to their legs aren’t beautiful, selecting the location of the coat can be below the ankle, so this kind of clothes also has a common, easy to put the size is small, to join the belt, can break the deadlock, highlight the waist the shape of the feeling, create optimum proportion.Small leg pants can be based on blue jeans, which are not as inclusive and elastic as knitted fabrics, but can still be worn as long as the legs are not extremely strong type, and can show a sense of aging.The atmosphere in winter and the whole temperature decide that it is a little cold for women to wear a small suit. Even if the suit has thick fabric, it is difficult to have the warmth index that can compete with the down jacket. If you want to create a decent work wear, you can also rely on the help of some simple colors of the down jacket.For example white down jacket, the design of short paragraph, cooperate trousers, build the balance between up and down, make a modification effect to leg.And of trousers outfit apply colour cannot excessive profusion, can have a bit loose sense black trousers to proceed with directly from slightly, use the advantage of layout respect to weaken the flaw of leg ministry.The design of short down jacket will not be too expansive, the color will not be too colorful, the color is low saturation, can shape the “capital” of commuting outfit.Short down jackets and long pants can be matched to complete the look with trousers of different widths.Like these jeans, they look too casual, but as long as there’s a bit of formality in the shoe, they’re perfect for mature women.This woman is wearing warm black boots, which have a glossy finish and are black but not dull.Color is simple just advanced as the increase of the age, a lot of people can discover such a trend, the more pink and tender colour, wear can feel pressure is a few bigger, the basic color is like to be without existence feeling, the proportion that holds in chest actually is extremely high extremely.The color is simple, can shape a senior beauty, can use all kinds of simple color to create good clothes.The long coat of dark blue, it can purify the heavy sex of dark color, build a sedate feeling and do not show old age.Cooperate trousers, do not need to be very tight, wide leg trousers a bit wider, weight reduction ability is stronger.Women who don’t like to waste a lot of energy on their outfit or clothing choices can focus on long black coats, which can be paired with colorful interior pieces for street looks or commuting wear.Nevertheless, if be built inside use black, visual presentation is very heavy certainly, can add the ornament of the white dress with bright contrast with black, also administrative levels feeling foil comes out.Over the age of 40 office workers, their way of dressing does not need to be particularly complicated, their clothing style is not very gorgeous, the simpler the use of color, the higher the style.Oat color is also a very simple color, but it is quite different from the attributes created by black, more inclined to create a gentle or elegant style, very lining the skin color of middle-aged women.The text is my own original, the content of the article is my own opinion.The pictures in the article are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.I hope my professional interpretation and unique insights can help you, more topics can continue to exchange or ridicule in the comments section below.