Homesickness, just in the curling smoke, cut constantly, and chaos

2022-05-03 0 By

When I was a child in my southern hometown, every family cooked meals with firewood for three meals a day, and burned firewood to keep warm in winter.The smoke filled the room, and the smoke curled up on the tiles and the chimney, making people cry.When I grew up, I realized it was fireworks.Fireworks gas is a blessing for a family, home from school, far to see their own chimney smoke on the roof, you know grandma or mom is cooking in the kitchen, that kind of happiness and practical feeling is many years later to feel.How I looked forward to the New Year when I was a child!A month ago, the kitchen was the liveliest and busiest place, and the fire never went out.Boil lard, hot sweet potato flour, push stone grinding glutinous rice flour, boil steamed fried.Every family is busy with the family reunion dinner.During the Spring Festival, the air in the village is filled with the sweet smell of food.The dogs and cats in the village, as well as the innocent children, will cluster together.All want to be close to the flavor, see if you can mix something delicious into your mouth.Then the children grew up and went far, far away from the village.Home had a good time, home smoke like an invisible solid line, a head connected to home, a head connected to the cape, no matter how high identity how humble, home complex always lost.Childhood hometown memories are always beautiful, always sad.The old house in my hometown is empty and the chimney does not smoke any more.That a wisp of curling smoke has been treasured in my heart, never extinguished.