105 abandoned red houses by dadu River in Leshan city, Sichuan province, will be turned into an art town

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By the dadu River, Niushi Town, Shawan District, Leshan City, there are old buildings built in the period of the Third line. The buildings are dense and look like a town from a distance. Because the walls are built of red-fired bricks, people also call this old building group red house.Red House used to be a dormitory building for workers of the Seventh State Hydropower Bureau, where more than 10,000 people lived. It has been idle for many years due to the relocation of workers, and has entered a state of broken walls.Later through investment attraction, make this long silence of the old building ushered in a highlight moment.In the 1970s, gongzui Power Station and Tongjiezi power station were built by exploiting and utilizing the hydropower resources of Dadu River. Both power stations were big projects, requiring thousands of builders, and accommodation was also a big problem.To provide accommodation for construction workers building power stations, a living area for workers was built in Shiniu Town, Shawan District.The total number of buildings in the workers’ living area is as much as 105. The construction of hydropower station is a big project, and the construction of workers’ living area is a big project.There are staff canteen, cinema, supermarket and other supporting facilities in the workers’ living area, as well as entertainment places such as auditorium and library.Almost ten thousand workers, cadres and a small number of family members are concentrated in this area, under a semi-closed administration, obviously in the small country of China, perhaps in our country, if it were in Europe it would be almost an independent state, at least not as big as the Vatican several times.After the construction of the hydropower station was completed, the construction workers began to withdraw, and the red house was left idle for 20 years. The house also had aura. If no one lived for a long time, the house would soon be old and gradually collapse.Fortunately, the building materials of the red house are of relatively good quality, and the damage speed will not be too fast. However, no one living for a long time will eventually become old, just like the life cycle of people, and some Settings will collapse.Maybe at that time, I had the idea of temporary construction, just setting up a few tents for workers to live in, but I didn’t expect the construction period would be too long, and finally I had to build a building.Although the construction period is long, it will eventually be abandoned one day, so at that time the construction of these buildings is relatively simple, otherwise with the money of the general Administration of Water and Electricity will be the red house with high-grade decoration materials into the world’s most luxurious dormitory for workers.The whole living area is divided into office area, but office area is roughly the leadership cadres of the water and electricity bureau, for ordinary builders here is also the place to sleep.Workers’ dormitories, construction sites and canteens are always the most familiar and unavoidable busy routes for workers.Worker dormitory divides cadre suite and worker room again, more cent has visit close building, the family member that leaves family member already long will visit close to find a place for in visit close building roughly.Since the builders left, it has gradually become deserted, and the dormitories are almost full of people, and now each house is home to only one or two families.It takes a great deal of courage and loneliness for the families, whether they are left-behind workers or nearby villagers, to live in the once bustling red house.Of course, most of the people living in the red house are old people, who may not have much material desire, so they can live so at ease.The run-down courtyards, crumbling walls and mossy paths that were common a few years ago have recently been given a makeover.It is rumored that the capital of investment promotion and introduction is more than 30, I do not know whether it is true, but with the current progress of transformation, the red house will face the society with new appearance in the near future.When the time comes to the red house to play, the impression of old, dilapidated can not look at the old building disappeared without trace.The natural scenery of Dadu River, relying on hydropower construction culture, according to the overall layout of the current great transformation.In the future, it will be developed into a comprehensive art and culture town with food, culture, business and hotels.After the completion of the art town will provide citizens with a leisure entertainment, tourism, self-cultivation resort.Playing, reminiscing and experiencing art and culture will be the themes of the future, and the Red House will also take on a new look.Each shabby place has its own history, and that history lends a strong sense of mystery to this shabby landscape.Red house is the production of the construction and operation of hydropower station. The history is not very deep, but the hydropower station builders for the development and strength of the country is obvious to all.Maybe we can’t catch up with the construction boom, but we still have time to remember. The Red House is the best place to trace this history. Why not come and have a look sometime and wish you a pleasant journey.This article is a record of the manuscript, see things say things, see its think, think of writing, if there is wrong place, please forgive everyone.Thank you for reading this manuscript and for your constructive comments.Original articles, plagiarism shall be prosecuted.