The fastest one week loan!The minimum interest rate for the first set is 5.4%!Foshan’s latest mortgage rates came

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Leju house news “Yang and Qi Zhe to the new and born” Leju Tanchun special project hot launch, select fresh policy information, analysis of the hot area of real estate, visit to recommend good quality plate, for the majority of users spring home purchase housing to provide a strong power.Thanks to a series of national regulatory policies and important voices from the end of 2021 to this year, mortgage interest rates in Foshan present an overall downward trend: mortgage interest rates for the first home are generally down to 5.6% and the lowest to 5.4%, and mortgage interest rates for the second home are down to 5.8% and the lowest to 5.6%. The main interest rates of banks are summarized as follows:Foshan’s latest mortgage interest rate came in the mortgage interest rate decline at the same time, many banks have significantly improved the speed of lending:Foshan branch of The Postal Savings Bank of China loan department said that the current bank quota is sufficient, primary house pure commercial loan can be completed within a week as soon as possible, but the premise is to have a record of the contract, the second-hand house in the case of personal property certificate can also be completed in about a week;A number of banks said that if the information is complete, the earliest time to lend money is one month, but the specific still depends on the transfer of ownership and mortgage procedures approval speed.Recently, various adjustments and guarantee policies have been issued, and the “high pressure” of the real estate market is expected to ease. The real estate market is in step with the “stability” of the national economic plan, and the confidence of the industry is gradually recovering.It is worth mentioning that before the Spring Festival, the Central bank cut interest rates. The 1-year LPR decreased by 0.1% compared with the previous, and the latest adjustment was 3.7%. The 5-year LPR decreased by 0.05%, and the latest adjustment was 4.6%.Meanwhile, according to the latest survey, banks are lending faster than before and their quotas are relatively adequate.So the question is, are you going to buy a house this Spring?Foshan Leju Tanchun full launch, welcome to long press scan code to join our real estate Tanchun tour, you can also leave a message in the group you are concerned about the real estate and problems, xiaobian may accidentally help you achieve oh!Editor/author: ChinZ Review: Hu Mengyin article source: Leju Buying a house