Representative Jiang Chengying: To build olive industrial clusters

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Jiang Chengying representative: Build olive industry cluster, compile national Olive Industry Development Guide, compile olive forestry industry standard, explore new olive planting mode, innovate ways to carry out technical training, in-depth field investigation and visit…Over the past year, JIANG Chengying, a deputy to the National People’s Congress (NPC), has worked tirelessly and achieved a lot.”As a deputy to the National People’s Congress and a scientific worker, it has always been my wish to promote the high-quality development of the olive industry in Gansu Province and benefit more people with the fruits of development.”Kang sung-young said.Jiang Chengying is the director of olive engineering technology research center of Gansu Academy of Forestry, and has studied olive planting technology for nearly 20 years.With the unremitting efforts of her and her team, the olive planting area in Gansu province has been expanded, the fresh fruit output and the quality of olive oil have been improved, and olive oil has become a “green bank” for local villagers to increase their income and become rich.”I spend more than a third of the year at the base and on research trips.”Jiang Chengying admitted that her main business is the selection and promotion of fine woody oil seeds mainly based on olive. Research and interview can enable her to have a deeper understanding of farmers’ needs and the urgent problems in the development of olive industry in Gansu Province.At the national Two Sessions in 2021, Jiang Chengying put forward suggestions of “supporting high-quality development of woody oil industry”, “developing preferential policies to vigorously support the development of olive industry” and “enhancing the promotion capacity of forestry and grassland”.In an interview, she happily told reporters that not long ago, the related content of olive germplasm improvement has been written into the national “14th Five-Year” key RESEARCH and development plan “Forestry Germplasm Resources cultivation and Quality Improvement” key special guide for comments in the draft.This year, cheng-ying jiang will continue with the Suggestions to promote the development of olive industry in the national two sessions, “hope the state supports longnan make billions of olive industry cluster, olive industrial transformation and upgrading of booster and high quality development, promote the gansu province make advantageous industry into a big industry drives the sustained increase in rural incomes, sustained and effective consolidation out of poverty.”Agricultural development also affects Jiang Chengying’s heart, she suggested that the less developed areas in western China should increase support for agricultural standardization construction, with standardization construction to promote high-quality agricultural development.New Gansu · Gansu Daily reporter Ma Yingshi Dandan