“Fish President” Fung Kwok-cheung

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Feng Guozhang, Wang Shizhen and Duan Qirui, known as the “three Masters of The North”, was an important figure in modern Chinese history.At that time, he was in a high position, powerful, the attention of the public, it was a hero, but do not want to have left a lot of jokes.When Le Yuan Hong was forced out of office by Tuan Chi-jui, Fung, who had been vice president, became acting president.After he moved into Zhongnanhai, he took a walk after dinner and saw many beautiful big fish in the pond. So he asked his attendant what kind of fish they were.The attendant hurriedly told Feng guozhang that these were all the fish raised by the masters of Zhongnanhai in successive dynasties. Some of them had gold MEDALS on their fins, and the largest had dozens of jin for hundreds of years.After hearing this, Feng guozhang said, “HMM, yes, these fish can certainly sell for a lot of money, right?”The followers thought that Feng guozhang was just joking and did not take it seriously.Who knows the next day, Feng Guozhang really sent people to fish up to sell at a high price.All of a sudden, restaurants in Beijing competed to sell “presidential fish”, feng guozhang was also known as the “fish president”.At that time, Chinese Prime Minister Tuan Chi-jui felled trees in Dongling, and President Feng Da fished for fish in Zhongnanhai. At that time, people wrote a pair of pairs: “The prime minister felled trees in Dongling, and the head of state sold fish in The South China Sea”, which was widely talked about as a joke.Tired of government affairs, Feng guozhang often made a fool of himself.Once upon a time, a general returned to Beijing for duty.He asked him what position he had taken, when and by whom.The man replied that he was appointed to a certain post by the president.Feng Guozhang was surprised, thought for a while and said: “Yes, remember one day lunch break, be aroused to use the seal, must be your thing.”Hearing the words, everyone was laughing and crying.Nevertheless, Feng Guozhang can become a direct leader, is absolutely capable.In the year of 1911, he led his army south to fight with the revolutionary army, and won successive battles. If Yuan Shikai had not stopped feng guozhang, he would have taken almost all the three towns of Wuhan.The revolutionaries finally chose to negotiate peace between the North and the South, and Feng guozhang also played a large role.After Yuan shikai sent Feng guozhang back to Beijing, he chose feng guozhang as the commanding officer of the Praetorian Guard in the context of the peace negotiations between the North and the South.The Praetorian Guard was a legitimate branch of the Qing Dynasty, and the children of the Eight banners were its basic constituent forces.At that time, the discussion about the abdication of the Qing emperor was fierce, so the internal praetorian Guard was also surging, and chaos could happen at any time.Feng Guozhang alone, called the officers and soldiers to speak, vowed as the Praetorian guard commander will safeguard their interests.And Feng Guozhang also let them choose two people as his personal attendants, monitoring him at any time, if he was found to betray the Praetorian Guard, can immediately kill him.Through his efforts, the Praetorian Guard was stabilized, creating a relatively good environment for the final reconciliation between the North and the South and the abdication of the Qing emperor.Therefore, It can be seen that Feng Guozhang should belong to the kind of people who are confused in small matters and not in big matters. “The three Masters of Beiyang” is not said casually.Right, say a lot of people know the matter, Feng Gong you know?