3-2 us!The Canadian women won their fifth Winter Olympics title in seven straight wins, scoring 57 goals

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Canada won the women’s ice gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday after beating the United States 3-2 in the final.The gold medal was well deserved for Canada, whose women won the Winter Olympics with seven straight wins.Pyeongchang 2018 winter Olympics, Canada in finals loss to the American female female ice ice came second, this time the two teams met in the finals again – in fact the world female ice, that is, the United States and Canada arm-wrestling competition, from into the 1998 to 2018, six games, five of the final screwing in all parts of the United States and Canada, and Canada never miss the final,Before that, he won four titles in a row.2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing, the two teams met in the finals again, two teams have faced in the group stage, 4-2 defeat the United States, Canada, this final, Canada has completed a double play, Canada 2-0 up for the first quarter, second quarter to determine the 3-0 advantage, although the United States even after 2 minutes, then don’t change solution, Canada revenge success,Fifth Winter Olympics gold medal.The Canadian women won the gold medal, and they really deserved it, because they were so strong, they won the gold medal by winning seven straight games, and the seven straight wins were unbeatable, 57 goals in seven games, and only 10 goals conceded.In the round robin, 12-1 Switzerland, 11-1 Finland, 6-1 Russia and Austria, 4-2 the United States, in the quarter final, 11-0 thrashed Sweden, facing Switzerland again in the semi-finals, 10-3 completed the double, these games are really the momentum of the crush, facing the United States in the final, 3-2 completed the double.Take the women’s ice gold medal, Canada this winter Olympics gold medal number came to 4, there are 5 silver MEDALS, 11 bronze MEDALS, can see Canada’s overall strength is still very strong.