Violation of quarantine requirements!An indoor gym in Futian district was shut down

2022-05-01 0 By

On the afternoon of March 12, the inspection team of The Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports of Futian District conducted a comprehensive inspection of the epidemic prevention and control work of indoor enclosed cultural and sports venues in the district, and found that a fitness studio in Futian Street was open for business.The staff of the bureau immediately preached the relevant policy contents of The Notice of Futian COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters (No. 50) to the persons in charge of the site and asked them to immediately close the site and suspend the opening in accordance with the requirements of Futian COVID-19 prevention and control work, but the other party had a bad attitude and refused to cooperate.The bureau immediately notified the fukuda streets and communities, and had joint street and the policemen common disposal at the scene, the first interview, head of the place, to be sure to improve disease prevention and control of ideological understanding, serious problems of rectification, and posted at the gate of the place “moratorium on open announcement” epidemic prevention signs,Close down the fitness place in time.The person in charge of Futian District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports said that in the next step, the cultural and sports venues that violate the requirements of the epidemic prevention work will be included in the key supervision object, and the incident will be notified within the industry, and the indoor cultural and sports venues under the jurisdiction will carry out warning education, forming the purpose of warning one, education one.Those who fail to implement the government’s requirements for epidemic prevention and those who are suspected of violating the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Penalties for Public Security Administration and Criminal Law and other laws and regulations will be handed over to the public security organs for investigation and punishment, and vigorously promote the implementation of the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control in the whole industry.Review: Sun Shijian tian Jun