Three novels of heaven, the world is so big, integration of multidimensional is expected to break through the road

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Hello, I am Cang Yiwei.Today, I would like to recommend three fine novels.The Investigator of the Lord god, Xiao Zhongniu, 3.81 million words, finished.Introduce: my name calls Luo Feng, it is investigator of a advocate god, daily job is to enter gut world, disturb gut main line as far as possible, collect data and former gut line do compare.Why would I want to mess with these worlds?Of course, it is to collect more data of the main god for scientific research, so as to know ourselves and the enemy, finally defeat the main god, and completely eliminate the high-dimensional civilization invaders.Best clip: “Now, as you recall, the Lord will send a message directly to your brain, and when you know what’s going on, stop wasting your time and start talking about yourself and your abilities.”Several of the young men began to think, and soon some of them did, and the woman in the bath towel and the little girl with the bear in her arms cried out, and sobbed silently in the face of the strong man’s threats.Luo Feng did not go to think, the Lord god’s information can not be sent to his mind, he is not reincarnation seeds, only in the side holding his arm looked at, the in the mind has a bit of miss, when he first entered the infinite world is also experienced similar such a toss.The white-collar youth was the first to accept the reality. He stepped forward and said, “My name is Zhang Linli. I have just obtained the lawyer’s certificate and am working as an intern in Lvhua Law Firm.According to the station, the next round to the bath towel beauty, the brawny man moved the gun muzzle over, she did not care to cry: “MY name is Liu Qiqi, in the nightclub work, I, I do not know what I have expertise……”The stout man laughed, looked her up and down critically, licked his lips, paid no heed to her words, and moved his gun to the next man.”Since the Beginning of a Perfect World”. 3.53 million words.Introduce: The linyang that taking a system to pass through has no language hope day.Why does it go straight to the nightmare of a perfect world?Fortunately, we can continue to pass through, do not panic!Beg to differ!He did not think that he would start from the chaos of ancient times, witness ancient history, self-transformation of the forbidden area, after endless years, live to the post-ancient times, and even longer.Lin Yang: MY practice is definitely not for decoration, just for the sake of practice and practice, for the benefit of the people and practice, nine days and ten earth people as proof.Through the communication with the middle-aged man, Lin Yang gradually understood what place he was in now.As he guessed through the same, now in the village called Zhu Village, the village has more than one thousand households, the name from the village’s patron saint according to the middle-aged said is the spirit of the spider homonym.The village is located in Leizhou, according to the ancient saying, leizhou such a continent, the world about 3,000 states.Offering spirit, three thousand states…Wait for the middle-aged person to leave, Lin Yang also found out what the situation is now.He not only passed through, but also passed through the perfect world in this novel, and was mocked by the book friends of a man to cover the sky.And crossed directly into the state of Thunder, one of the 3,000 upper states.This village is the place where Shi Hao attained nirvana.”The Heavens start from Hong Quan”, nine orificios and eight directions, 580 thousand words in serial.Introduce: “leaf ask” world, learn kung fu, grind deeply the art of easy marrow strong body;In “Dragon and Tiger Gate”, the master qi Xia contacts the secret method of spiritual visualization;”Taoist Monk down the mountain”, learn, explore the road to practice qi……Highlights: This is the sea of chaos that gave birth to the world.Countless half planes, small thousand worlds, big thousand planes, multiverse, boundless world are born and disappear from here.This is the forbidden land of all spirits.Whatever you are, golden fairy, heavenly king, immortal emperor, demon god…To enter here without detachment is to be assimilated at any time.Only the real daluo level, enjoy the great eternal, great freedom, beyond the long river of time and space, can swim in the sea of chaos.In front of a brilliant bubble, a Tsing Yi Taoist independent.On closer inspection, this bubble is much larger than the surrounding ones, indicating that the number and quality of life inside the bubble are far greater than on other worlds.He seemed to stand for a long time, giving the impression that he could stand forever.Around him, countless little bubbles were born and burst.”The road is like this, day and night!”Writing is not easy, and to do and cherish.My name is Cang Yiwei. I bring salt for “The Whispering of Cang shi”.Welcome to Book Review Land.