The hardest thing to lose weight is your belly!Learn this trick. It works

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Easy doesn’t exist in the adult world, but belly does.There is a common phenomenon in life, called “middle-aged fat”, it is to point to the person once crossed the threshold of 30 or 40 years old, will be visible to the naked eye “fruity” rise.First and foremost is – belly big!The point is, it’s not easy to lose!Why is the belly fat in the first place?Why is the person middle-aged fattening, fat fat belly?This is because the abdominal muscles belong to smooth muscle, the resistance to fat is weaker, so when the calorie intake is too much, excess nutrition, fat is easier to accumulate in the abdomen, there is a “general belly”.Generally speaking, its emergence is related to the following five reasons: 01 Being Too Lazy For most middle-aged people, sports is a luxury.Figures show that people over 30 expend nearly 20 per cent less energy on physical activity than those in their 20s.And if in the middle age, maintain the same exercise as when young, the total energy consumption will not be too different, it is not easy to appear “middle-aged weight gain”.Actor Wu Zun posted a party photo during the Spring Festival in 2021.Wu Zun still looks like he’s in his 20s (he’s actually 42), while most of his classmates have gained weight.Wu Zun keeps fit by working out.He says working out is as natural to him as breathing.02 mouth too greedy diet is not healthy is also a major cause of middle-aged fat, but when it comes to “greedy”, many people will indeed cry “injustice”.After all, social engagements, overtime busy take-out midnight snack are unavoidable external factors.And these food with high oil, high salt, high sugar and a few high energy also is just “urge fat sharp implement”.In fact, as long as we can moderate appetite, appropriate changes in the diet, can easily avoid these “energy bomb”, and even help to lose weight.Chen Wei, deputy director of clinical nutrition department of Peking Union Medical College hospital, has used a “monthly lean 8 catties do not rebound recipes” to help many patients successfully lose weight, one of which lost 55 catties in half a year, one of which lost 72 catties in eight months!The specific recipe can refer to the following methods: ① Breakfast: 1 wokou +1 boiled egg +1 plate of fried vegetables +1 cup 250ml soya-bean milk;② Lunch: 1 bowl of 100g mixed rice + palm-sized (2~3 liang) lean meat +1 plate of stir-fried vegetables;③ Extra meals: a fist-sized portion of fruit;④ Dinner: 1 bowl of mixed rice +1 purple potato +1 plate of fried vegetables.Middle-aged people are often the main breadwinners at home and at work.Prolonged stress, however, is likely to trigger the release of glucocorticoids, which stimulate appetite and make people crave food, which also increases the risk of obesity.04 Lack of sleep Often stay up late insomnia is easy to obesity.A study by Uppsala University in Sweden found that a night without sleep affects how the body metabolises, with fat tissue tending to make fat and muscle tissue being broken down.Hormones Few hormones regulate most bodily functions.As men age, testosterone decreases at a rate of 1 to 2 percent per year, making their bodies less efficient at burning fat.As women grow older, estrogen level will also decline, menopause is a significant decline, it is easy to lead to abdominal fat accumulation.Why belly is bad to reduce the belly of middle-aged people is worse to reduce, this and the “adipotic kind” inside the person body concerned.There are white fat and brown fat in human body.Among them, the main function of white fat is to store excess fat under the skin and around the viscera, which is not easy to eliminate;Brown fat, on the other hand, burns energy to create heat, making it the body’s own medicine.However, as you age, the amount of brown fat in your body decreases and you burn even fewer calories!Therefore, if the middle-aged want to lose weight, it is necessary to fully mobilize the only brown fat.Studies have shown that 30 to 40 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every day, that is, maintain exercise heart rate = (220-age) *50%~ (220-age) *70%, can fully mobilize brown fat, burning white fat, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.Of course, if you really don’t have time to exercise, that’s fine.Xiaobian to recommend you a way to lose weight without going out – “five points a line wall station”.How to do it: Squeeze in a few minutes each day when you’re on your phone. Stand with the back of your head, shoulder blades, hips, calves, and heels against a wall, and tighten your stomach. This will improve your line and straighten your posture.Start by standing for 5 minutes and slowly extend to half an hour.