Sheqi county party history study education summary meeting held

2022-05-01 0 By

January 24, sheqi party history study education review meeting, in-depth study and implement xi jinping, general secretary of party history learning the importance of education, the full implementation of the central and provincial, municipal party history study education review meeting spirit, summarize our county party history learning education result and experience, consolidate the development history of the party to learn education achievement, deploy to establish and perfect the norm long-term mechanism,Speed up the pace of high-quality and efficient leap-forward development, strive to start a new journey of comprehensive construction of modern Sheqi.County Party secretary Zhang Rongyin attended the meeting and made a speech, county magistrate Guan Wenbo chaired the meeting, county leaders Li Zhe, Zhou Wenbo, Xu Xiaoyan, Bao Haijun, Zhao Xianglong, Zhang Jianyang attended the meeting.Zhang Rongyin pointed out that since the development of party history study and education, the county party organizations at all levels in accordance with the requirements of “learning history and understanding, learning history to increase trust, learning history chongde, learning history practice”, careful organization, careful deployment, innovative measures, in-depth promotion, party history study and education has achieved solid results.We should take a clear-cut political stance, uphold the “two principles” and practice the “two principles”.It is necessary to persevere in learning, strengthen theoretical armed forces and establish a permanent long-term mechanism.To work diligently for the people, practice the people first, keep in mind the initial aspiration of the people, take a good mass line, stand firm in the position of the masses;To concentrate on development, strive to create a new situation, to promote the development of sheqi to improve quality, speed and efficiency;We must strictly govern the Party to improve its ecological environment and strive to foster a clean and healthy political environment.Guan wenbo required that we should persevere in learning, integrate the party history study and education into daily life, focus on regular, regular learning and new, establish the concept of lifelong learning, promote leading cadres to take the lead in learning, often study under the above rate, and build learning organs (units).We should raise our level and focus on study, broaden our vision and enhance our ability in study, take history as a mirror, study history and put it into practice, accumulate historical wealth, sum up experience and lessons, identify gaps in comparison with what has been advanced, learn from and understand with sincerity, and draw strength to enhance party spirit.To progressive grasp learning, insist to practice, we can combine learning and responsibility, positive role and duty, resolutely put an end to learning when the surge of emotion surge, depressed when I was working, prefer when came out forcefully, implementation, update ideas, improve ability, changing attitude, hard work, be, in the construction of high quality modern club banners in the new journey to open the new bureau, spectrum Marty natalegawa.At the meeting, the county disabled people’s Federation, Hao Zhai town, credit shop town mainly responsible for comrades around the party history study and education of the bright spot, practice, effectiveness and experience made an exchange speech.The conference will be held in the form of video, each town (street) set up a sub-venue.