Russia’s ambassador to China says it is futile to smear Beijing winter Olympics

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“There is no doubt that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a global sporting event.””If I had to use one Chinese character to describe the past year, I would use the word ‘Biang’.”On January 25, Russian Ambassador to China Denisov said at his annual press conference.On January 25, Russian Ambassador to China Denisov showed the handwritten Chinese character “Biang” at the annual press conference.This character is the most complex and difficult Chinese character denisov has ever known, and its use to describe the past year reflects the complexity and difficulties facing the world today.Fortunately, 2021 will also see new positive trends, denisov said, hoping that soon people will be able to describe their lives as “development”, “progress” and “joy”.With less than 10 days to go before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Denisov also expressed his expectations for the games.He believes that the Beijing Winter Olympics will undoubtedly become a global sports event and believes that China will overcome the impact of COVID-19 and host the Games at a high level.Russia attaches great importance to the hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics.According to Denisov, Russia plans to send a large delegation of more than 500 people, including athletes, coaches and support teams, to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics.However, as the preparation for the Winter Olympics is still underway, the Russian side will make some adjustments to the list of Olympic sports teams according to the final results of the games.When it comes to the teams that he will support and pay attention to during the Winter Olympics, Denisov said that as a Russian himself and a resident of Beijing, both the Chinese and Russian teams will be warmly supported by him.For some time, China and Russia have carried out a lot of activities around the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.In 2021, the Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee invited diplomatic envoys and senior diplomats to inspect the Olympic venues.Denisov said that he was most impressed by the fact that China had completed most of the facilities for the Winter Olympics one year ahead of schedule, which fully reflected Chinese characteristics, which directly proved China’s capabilities.

On January 25, Russian Ambassador to China Denisov responded to questions related to the Beijing Winter Olympics at the annual press conference.But there has been some international noise about the Beijing Winter Olympics.In fact, Beijing isn’t the only event to be maliciously hyped. Sochi, Russia, had similar problems eight years ago when it hosted the Games.In response to these remarks, Denisov said that, in fact, every time a country holds a large positive energy event, there are always a group of people who want to disrupt the event for their own political interests.They tried to undermine Russia’s reputation as a host country by promoting fake news.But these attempts are futile and have no substantive basis. After seeing [the successful Hosting of the Winter Olympics], these malicious slanders will disappear naturally.”I am sure it will be the same this time.”Andrei denisov, stressed that the opening of the Beijing Olympics is “double happiness” for Russia, on the one hand, Russia will send lineup huge sports delegation to attend the winter Olympic Games, on the other hand, Russian President vladimir putin will be the delegation to Beijing, and will hold talks with Chinese leaders to meet, it is very important for Russia’s political agenda.Putin also said he was looking forward to meeting on the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. “I have no doubt that our Chinese friends will successfully host the Winter Olympics,” he said.On November 23, 2021, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said in a press interview that the grand event is a good tradition between China and Russia that has been formed over the years.In 2014, President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games upon invitation.This time, President Xi also invited his good friend President Putin to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and President Putin accepted the invitation with pleasure.The two sides are in close communication on specific matters concerning President Putin’s visit to China.Zhao lijian pointed out that he believed that the winter Olympics meeting between the two heads of state would once again explain the partnership between China and Russia, in which people of both countries wish each other well and neighbors wish each other well. He believed that athletes of the two countries would make further achievements and make due contributions to presenting a “simple, safe and wonderful” sports event to the world.Putin’s visit to China is under active preparation.According to Sputnik news agency, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that Russia is currently preparing for comprehensive talks with China, because the situation is changing rapidly and Russia has to act flexibly.Talk about Mr Putin’s visit, andrei denisov, said Mr Putin’s visit to China is not only a big event of china-russia relations, also is the focus of attention all over the world, with Mr Putin’s visit to China in 2018, the schedule affected by the outbreak of the new champions league, communication, travel at present is mainly talks to highlight is that Mr Putin will attend the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, other activities are not included in the plan.In 10 days, Chinese and Russian leaders will jointly attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.Denisov said he believed it would be a great encouragement for the athletes and would encourage them to achieve great results in their respective events.It reminded Denisov of 2018.Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin watch a friendly ice hockey match between Chinese and Russian youth in Tianjin, North China’s Tianjin municipality, June 8, 2018.The two were in the center of the ice with the puck down to the ice for the kickoff.Denisov recalled that the children tried to be on their best behavior under the gaze of the two heads of state.There will be more extensive sports exchanges between China and Russia in the future.From 2022 to 2023, China and Russia will hold the Year of Sports Exchange, which is the eighth state-level themed year for China and Russia.Related planning work is under way, Denisov said, adding that tomorrow sports authorities from China and Russia will hold a video dialogue.China and Russia can form a “complementary” relationship in the development of sports. Russia is strong in winter sports, while China performs well in summer sports, and can introduce experience to each other. China and Russia can learn from each other to improve their own capabilities through frequent cooperation and exchanges in sports.The Beijing Winter Olympics also coincide with the Chinese New Year, when it is a traditional custom to eat dumplings.Denisov said foreigners living in China always have two opportunities to celebrate the New Year, and he hopes to have dumplings this year as usual.The editor on duty is Daniel Guri