Monica Bellucci, cut several times to be released, what is true love?

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The film is closely linked to Sicily, which was released on October 27, 2000 and established Monica Bellucci in the world of cinema.And today we are talking about the film called Love Me How, released on October 26, 2005, this is not just a coincidence, it may be the idea of investors and directors, before the Beautiful Legend of Sicily released a day, is a kind of expectation.However, perhaps because the film was cut too much, affecting the coherence, so that the film did not reach the same height as The Beautiful Legend of Sicily.On Douban, the Beautiful Legend of Sicily has a score of 8.9, almost entering the category of a godlike production, while Love Me How Much is only 6.2, barely passing.But this movie also has a lot of meaning in it. On the one hand, this movie is tailored for Monica Bellucci after the director saw the Beautiful Legend of Sicily, which means that no one can star in this movie except Monica Bellucci.Second, this is Monica Bellucci’s first film after giving birth to her daughter, which is a comeback.One of the highlights of the film is monica Bellucci’s “beauty”. The director takes the beauty of the goddess as a pathological way to make everyone crazy about it.Sova was just an ordinary man, but winning the lottery made him suddenly have a different idea of his life.With a huge sum of 4 million, if it is you, do you choose luxury cars or high-end villas?Or courageously to pursue their favorite lover?The French romance is in their bones, so many people also say that Paris is the city of romance.The romance was contagious even for an honest man like Sauva.Sowa chose to pursue his beloved woman, for the rich, the most effective way to pursue a woman is money, some people say that money can not buy love, but for Sowa, he just need to go to the window, tell his beloved woman, a monthly salary of one hundred thousand, is enough.As for love, it didn’t matter, at least not for a while when he announced he’d won.Sauva was courting a woman named Daniela, who was very beautiful. How beautiful was she?As soon as He was sure daniela and he were home, Sauva was walking up the stairs when he collapsed and had a heart attack caused by being too close to the beautiful woman.Sauva’s personal doctor, a close friend, died on the spot after getting too close to daniela during a consultation.From this, we can also feel the beauty of Daniella is a kind of magic feeling.But in sova and Daniela really love sparks, betrayal and anti-betrayal of the tug of war lead to this love can only end in tragedy.What is love?Some people say that love is poison, once addicted to the immortality.When Sauva found out that Daniela was with another man, and Daniela found out that Sauva was having an affair with another woman.The retaliation and the struggle for the initiative began.Again and again they made covert offensives, outwardly close, but secretly constantly showing control over each other.Finally, the death of Daniella, as the end of this love.Of course, it was not Sauva who killed Daniela, but another man who loved daniela to death.Well, the movie’s discussion of love is a bit edgy, but with so many cuts, it seems a bit incoherent and doesn’t become a classic like Sicily.What do those of you who have seen the movie think of it?Leave a comment at the end of the article and we’ll discuss it together.Thanks for reading.