Jilin has built a trillion-level ice and snow economy, integrating new development concepts into the whole process of ice and snow industry development

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During the Spring Festival holiday, jilin province received 9,341,400 domestic tourists, up 13.9 percent year on year, thanks to the Beijing Winter Olympics.Domestic tourism revenue reached 8.385 billion yuan, up 12.4% year on year.Among them, ski resorts have become the key destination for ski lovers across the country — Beidahu Ski Resort is the most popular. Vanke Songhua Lake Ski Resort, a national-level ski resort, and Changbai Wanda International Ski Resort have received 72% and 351% of tourists year-on-year respectively.”Winter Olympics + Big Year” has become the New Year custom of ice and snow tourism in Jilin.Abundant snow and ice resources snow and ice are precious natural resources, ecological resources and development resources in Jilin Province. Jilin Province regards snow and ice economy as the breakthrough of industrial revitalization of the old industrial base.”Ice and snow are gold and silver mountains.We’ll put ice industry in country industry development in the global considerations, the ice and snow resources in the province and outside the province of ice and snow resources as a whole, the ice and snow tourism and summer leisure ecological tourism as a whole, the new development concept into the whole process of industrial development, ice and snow strengthen the ice edge, release of snow and ice bonuses, ‘cold resources’ to’ hot industry, high quality and economic development, promote iceTo build a trillion-level ice and snow economy.”Jilin provincial Party secretary Jing Junhai said.In an interview in snowy jilin the earth, everywhere can feel the heat of the snow and ice on the economic, stick to “the games in Beijing, experience in jilin” theme, ice and snow tourism heat, ice and snow consumption: “east west ice snow” on regional industrial structure, the ice and snow tourist scenic spot from dot to line, from plate to global tourism spatial layout is formed;The new consumption mode is upgraded rapidly and iteratively.Changbai Mountain in the east of Jilin province and Jilin city and Changchun city in the middle of Jilin province are veritable “snow world”.Among them, Changbai Mountain is located between 41 degrees and 42 degrees north latitude, is the world’s “snow and ice golden latitude belt”, as one of the world’s three powder snow base, loved by ski lovers.Utilizing the abundant snow and ice resources, Jilin Province constantly improves the facilities and effectively expands the industrial scale. It has built 54 ski resorts, with the maximum daily reception reaching 100,000 people.Among them, Vanke Songhua Lake, Changbai Mountain International Resort and Jilin Beidahu Ski Resort rank among the top in terms of reception volume in China.Jilin Beishan Cross-country ski resort is the only four seasons ski resort in China;Tonghua Jinchang Ski Resort, the first professional ski competition venue after the founding of new China, has been rebuilt with an investment of 30 billion yuan.The supply of snow and ice products led by skiing in Jilin province is constantly rich, and the games are more diverse, attracting more and more tourists to “embrace” snow and ice.Snow and ice tourism heat skiing, some classic tourism and leisure projects become interesting.For example, Baishan city, featuring Changbai Mountain brand and mountain traditional culture brand, received 197,100 tourists during the Spring Festival holiday, an increase of 52.1% over the same period last year, and realized tourism income of 370 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 386.8%.Jilin City Wula Street Manchu town Hantun village rare natural scenery rime amazing, every year attracts a large number of tourists to come;In addition to the view, but also “taste”, Manchu hot pot unique, mouthwatering.In Changchun, ice and snow tourism is more diversified. Changchun Jingyuetan, a 5A national scenic spot, has a ski resort, ice and snow amusement park, deer park, etc., and also has a new ice fishing program, which is the ice and snow amusement park with the most projects in Changchun.Taking advantage of the Winter Olympics, lianhuashan Ski Resort has built a new world of ice and snow for three consecutive years, attracting many tourists.Ma Quan, who is in charge of the snow and ice project, told reporters that after the construction of ski resort, they also invested in the construction of a new snow and ice world, at the same time, they also opened homestay, rural small restaurant, and pulled the four seasons sightseeing tour of the surrounding vegetable greenhouses.Xi Bing refers to the winter fishing represented by Chagan Lake.”Frozen lake Fish” is a famous brand in China, and “Fish every year” has become its unique culture.Up to now, the Chagan Lake Scenic spot has received 138,500 tourists and achieved a comprehensive tourism income of 120 million yuan.Catch 3.5 million jin, up 10% year on year, sales revenue is expected to reach 35 million yuan.In order to encourage more people to fall in love with snow and ice sports, Jilin Province has set up 557 schools with snow and ice sports features, including 302 state-level schools and 15 demonstration schools for Olympic education for the Beijing Winter Olympics.At present, the number of people who directly participate in snow and ice sports in Jilin province every year reaches 10 million, among which more than 1.2 million students participate in snow and ice sports at school.To fully tap the potential of ice and snow economy, Jilin and Xinjiang signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly establish a Pilot zone for high-quality development of ice and snow economy in China (Changbai Mountain Range — Altai Mountain Range).Changbai Mountain is known as “the first peak in the world with thousands of years of snow and pine trees”. In December 2021, the “Forest High-speed Railway” baidun High-speed railway to Changbai Mountain was officially opened, opening the great channel connecting Changbai Mountain with Changchun city, entering the northeast and going straight to The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.At the same time, Jilin province is actively building a modern ice and snow economy system and vigorously cultivating new business forms and models.The “ice & Snow +” strategy has been implemented to make the charm of sports match the beauty of nature, vigorously promote cross-boundary integration and coordinated development of industries such as “ice & snow + leisure”, “ice & snow + culture”, “ice & snow + recreation” and “ice & snow + training”, and spawn new tourism consumption formats such as enthusiasts’ clubs, online and offline interaction and private customization.At present, changbai Mountain, Chagan Lake, Songhua Lake, Beidhu Lake and Changchun Snow and ice New World and other snow and ice scenic spots have diversified tourist ways and diversified consumption forms. They have become the ideal snow and ice destinations in the hearts of tourists by exploring the whole elements of “eating, living, traveling, traveling, shopping and entertainment”.Making full use of snow and ice resources, Jilin Province is rich in festival activities: it has held six international snow and ice Industry fairs in succession, and held such well-known snow and ice activities at home and abroad as Changchun Jingyuetan Vasa International Ski Festival, Chagan Lake Winter Fishing Festival, Jilin Rime Festival, Changbai Mountain Powder Snow Festival, which not only accumulate popularity, but also increase consumer attachment.Zhao Lanying, general manager of Vanke Songhua Lake Resort, told reporters that their “snow and Ice Fantasy season” series of activities, which combine skiing with other cultural activities, attracted nearly 8,000 people to participate in two days and generated 6 million yuan in revenue.Tmall and Vanke Songhua Lake Resort invested 80 million yuan to hold the “Tmall Ice and Snow Festival”, allowing new consumers to expand their circle of friends, enabling communication and interaction between enterprises, venues and local areas. The rapid development of ice and snow tourism has realized the “hot” and “prosperous” winter.Jilin province introduced the implementation opinions about industry bigger and stronger ice the ice industry high quality development plan (2021-2035) “, improve the market value, to create “to visit JiLinLai, warm sunshine in winter, snow” brand, to become ice industry province, jilin construction of ice-snow tourism province, a world of ice and snow tourist destination.At present, Jilin is taking active actions to enhance the competitiveness, appeal and influence of the ice and snow industry.(Economic Daily Reporter Li Jiping)