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Editor’s note Innovation promotes development, entrepreneurship wins the future!Changzhou is rooted in the innovation gene, providing surging momentum for high-quality development, closely adhering to the positioning of “international intelligent manufacturing city, the hub of the Yangtze River Delta” city, vigorously implementing the “532” development strategy, and building the innovation axis and the Industrial science and technology innovation center of the Yangtze River Delta.The series of “Innovation Enterprise Tour” is now launched to check the excellent performance of changzhou science and technology innovation enterprises in national, provincial and municipal innovation and entrepreneurship competition in 2021, to show the leading projects in the industry, and set off a rolling wave of innovation and entrepreneurship in the whole society through the forces around us, enabling high-quality development with scientific and technological innovation.In recent years, the automobile industry has been moving towards intelligence.When the owner holding a lot of items can not open the trunk by hand, as long as the rear “kick”, the trunk will automatically open;Winter small animals drill near the car engine, will be automatically found and driven by the car;Autonomous driving technology, free to drive on the road without the driver…The “wisdom” of the car comes from an artifact — sensor.Located in the new north district of Changzhou, Handeli (Changzhou) Electronics Co., LTD., founded in 2002, is an enterprise with sensor r&d and manufacturing as its core technology.In the changzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2021, we won the first prize in the Group of ten hundred innovative Enterprises with the project of “New generation sensor System for Autonomous Vehicles”.Sensor, is a small volume of detection device, some only a button battery size, some like a screw, and such as matchbox.But it can feel the measured information, and can transform these information into specific information output according to certain rules, in order to meet the requirements of information processing, storage, display, recording and control.Han benefit with the solid background in r&d in the field of automotive sensors, has become the industry leader in the field of vehicle automated driving sensor, the core sensor and system sales among domestic top, is BMW, Honda, tesla, Bosch, and other international well-known global supplier of automobile and parts enterprises develop national standard 3 items.In this innovation and entrepreneurship competition, what is the magic of handley’s award-winning project “a new generation of sensor system for autonomous vehicles”?In recent years, autonomous driving has become popular all over the world, but deaths from traffic accidents have occurred frequently.The key is that a single sensing technology can not meet the all-weather all-working requirements of autonomous vehicles and can not deal with emergencies under complex road conditions, resulting in frequent accidents, which puts forward higher requirements for sensors.Multi-sensor fusion perception is an inevitable requirement to improve the safety of autonomous vehicles.The use of ultrasonic, vision and other types of low-cost sensors and their fusion technology, overcome the perceptual limitations of a single sensor, become the mainstream direction of the next generation of perception system.At present, the research on multi-sensor fusion of autonomous vehicles lags behind, and the existing technology has some problems, such as low accuracy, high rate of missed detection and false detection, low efficiency of fusion and insufficient real-time performance of algorithm.The differences in information dimension, information scope and information amount of each sensor bring challenges to the fusion perception and become the bottleneck restricting the requirements of autonomous vehicles’ 360-degree no-dead Angle environment perception.Handley’s “next generation sensor system for autonomous Vehicles” breaks through this problem.Using ultrasonic sensors and visual – infrared fusion technology for long distances, solved the laser and the millimeter wave radar close perception blind area, inclement weather, cosco distance perception of failure, realize the all-weather no dead Angle of 0-150 – m environmental monitoring, broke through the crowded roads, driving at night and find parking under the complicated conditions such as the perception of bottlenecks,It provides information guarantee for intelligent vehicles and promotes the industrialization of high-level autonomous driving technology.A car has more than 30,000 parts and components.In steering, lights, car interiors, sensors, batteries and other fields, changzhou has formed a domestic lead, has introduced a total investment of 10 billion yuan of byd east China new energy passenger car and core parts industrial park base, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan of baic heavy card production base, with a total investment of $180 million of Japan’s sumitomo electrical and new energy automobile electrical line.The innovation and development of sensor system continue to empower the development of Intelligent vehicle industry in Changzhou.With the development of information technology and the promotion of the Internet of Things, sensors are more and more widely used.A car that costs more than 100,000 yuan will have more than 100 sensors, and a high-end car will have 30-50% more.At present, Changzhou has nearly 100 sensor related enterprises, products cover temperature, pressure, displacement, angular displacement, torque, flow, audio, speed, acceleration and many other varieties, and a number of sensor and module system, typical terminal products r & D and manufacturing backbone enterprises, continue to empower the automotive industry.In 2021, the output value of new energy vehicles and core parts industry in Changzhou exceeded 125 billion yuan, ranking the second in the province. The finished vehicle output exceeded 90,000 units, and the power industry doubled, ranking the first in the province and the second in China.At present, the industrial chain of Changzhou new energy vehicles has one state-level enterprise technology center, one industrial design center, 28 provincial-level enterprise technology centers, and many engineering technology research centers.Changzhou has become a veritable national smart electric travel capital.Rapid development of sensors and new energy vehicles go hand in hand, jointly planning the future of Changzhou as an “international intelligent manufacturing city”.Source: Innovation Changzhou point share point collection