Full of shit?Zhang told at least four lies after her feud with Zhao benshan

2022-05-01 0 By

01 poor people, there must be hateful place, this sentence is very reasonable!Take the recent stir stir jiao Jiao accused master Zhao Benshan, I believe there are many netizens will sympathize with Jiao Jiao, think she is a weak woman, dare to fight against Zhao Benshan, must be a lot of injustice, but with the fermentation of things, we gradually realize: Jiao Jiao may be a girl to meet the train!2. Today, we simply take stock of the lies she said: Lie 1: I have left Benshan Media duet actress Zhang Yujiao left Benshan media, this is on February 6, Jiao Jiao live broadcast official announcement!Zhao Benshan, although he has left the Spring Festival Gala for many years, but after all, he has made such achievements, any time about his news, will trigger netizens hot discussion!I thought zhang Yujiao left Benshan media is true, she will not joke about this matter, the result?Last night, Zhang Yujiao posted on her microblog that she had not left Benshan Media and was in the process of terminating her contract!Clearly did not leave, said to have left, this is not to take the Internet IQ joke?3. I don’t care if zhang Yujiao’s ex-husband was cheated by Zhao Benshan. It’s tens of millions, not thousands.After the incident, many people began to search zhang Yujiao’s ex-husband is who!Jiao Jiao was able to say this in the live broadcast, obviously is very mind, but in the subsequent post, people said that “my leaving and my husband’s loss or not loss has nothing to do, that money is nothing!”!Since that money is nothing, Jiao Jiao why say again and again?Isn’t that a contradiction?In the micro blog comment area, Jiao Jiao said such a paragraph: into the mountain media I have no regrets, leave more no regrets, Shenyang settled down the house has been listed!Enter no regrets, we can understand, because before joining the mountain media, Jiao Jiao is just a very ordinary errenzhuan actor, dressed in plain, after joining, but also on the Spring Festival Gala, but also on variety shows in the short video platform, it can be said that her life value is to rely on the platform to get!Leave with no regrets?If Jiao Jiao really no regrets, why and Zhao Benshan turned against it?Also want to expose her ex-husband was pit, before and after the operation again contradictory!In last night’s live broadcast, Jiao Jiao said: “A few years ago, WHEN I was on the happy Comedy, I thought I was very good and had more than three million fans!3 million fans for your acting skills?Jiaojiao, are you too confident?It is no exaggeration to say that more than half of Zhang Yujiao’s 3 million fans are due to Zhao Benshan and Benshan Media.But unfortunately, Jiaojiao feels that success depends on herself, not on the platform!People who have seen Jiao Jiao’s works know that she portrays those roles are basically vase, put on sexy clothes, say a few mouthful of Hong Kong and Taiwan dialect on the line, do not need what acting!Jiaojiao, therefore, can be destroyed, zhao benshan, we don’t know, but she is indeed a ungrateful, short-sighted, machiavellian, fortunately, zhao benshan and recreation media not responded and gave her some space, once Zhao Dashu hand, waiting for the jiaojiao, I’m afraid that is not just an apology and exit the brawl in the media!