Civilized fashion adds luster to winter tourism in Shijiazhuang

2022-05-01 0 By

Winter tourism curtain already opened, Shijiazhuang city major winter tourism projects also began to lively.During the Spring Festival, an endless stream of tourists came to ski in the reception hall of qinhuangjian Ancient Ski resort in eastern Jingxing County.Tourists under the guidance of the staff, consciously queue up, actively cooperate with scan code, temperature measurement, orderly civilized behavior, can be seen everywhere in the ski resort.Tourists not only wore masks, but also stood in line in an orderly manner.Reporters found that many tourists have been fully equipped, ready to experience the passion of skiing.Tourists enjoy the fun of traveling at the same time, but also civilized travel, because the ski resort’s personal behavior is related to the safety of others, so we all strive to be civilized skiers.At the same time, ski resort is also equipped with safety officers to guide the whole journey, timely dredge tourists, remind everyone civilized skiing.”At the entrance to the ski resort, we have posted safety instructions for skiing.Before visitors enter the ski resort, we will remind tourists to carefully read the safety tips, precautions, listen to the command of the staff, in the ski resort, to civility.”A ski resort official said, When the number of tourists increases, we send more security guards and volunteers to guide tourists to visit safely and in a civilized way.Civilization is the most beautiful scenery in travel.Mr. Liu, a tourist, told the reporter that this was his first time to ski, and the tourists in the ski resort were very orderly and tried to avoid bumping into other tourists, and the overall quality was very high.Now, shijiazhuang city major winter tourism projects is a good place for the general public to play leisure.Reporters found in the visit, in the major ski resort tourists abide by the rules, civilized play.Civilized behavior can be seen everywhere, civilized tourism has become the trend, becoming the city’s “most beautiful” scenery line.(Reporter Li Kunxiao) Source: Shijiazhuang Daily wechat