Civil servants in four municipalities in the central government have revealed that their salaries are lower than expected, making it difficult to buy a house

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The salaries of civil servants are closely related to regions.For example, in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, where the economy is developing well, civil servants receive a large amount of subsidies, resulting in a high hand salary.In many central and western regions, the main work of civil servants is poverty alleviation, which naturally does not have a high income.Many people are curious about the situation in each province, so what is the situation in the four municipalities directly under the central Government?Are civil servants in municipalities particularly well paid?Today to give you analysis!As the capital of Beijing, it can be said that there are many civil servants in Beijing. Many important government offices and units are located in Beijing.Officials above the division level, which are hard to find elsewhere, are everywhere in Beijing.However, the salary of civil servants in Beijing may not be as high as you think.The average salary of civil servants in Beijing is about 8,000 yuan, which does not sound very high, but there are car subsidies, housing subsidies, property subsidies and other subsidies every month, adding up to about 2,000 yuan, there are more than 3,000 yuan of provident fund, the unit accommodation is all covered.In fact, the income is not low.The annual bonus is usually 20,000 to 50,000 yuan.Overall, the income of section-level civil servants in Beijing is around 150,000-200,000 yuan.This salary is not particularly high in Beijing, and it is even more difficult to buy a house.But Beijing has strict residency restrictions, and those who can get in are mostly locals who don’t usually worry about housing.If you pass the national examination to Beijing, buying a house will become a lifelong problem.As the economic center of China, Shanghai has nothing to say in terms of economic development, but that doesn’t mean the salaries of Shanghai civil servants are high.Everyone’s evaluation of Shanghai civil servants is very consistent: the price is very low.The annual income of civil servants in Shanghai is about 160,000 to 180,000 yuan, slightly higher than that of civil servants in Beijing.If it is a graduate degree and a department-level unit, it can often reach 200,000 yuan.That may not sound very low, but Shanghai’s housing prices and consumption levels are beyond the reach of ordinary civil servants.In contrast, civil servants in jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces around Shanghai have higher salaries, lower housing prices and lower consumption levels.Therefore, we are more willing to take the examination of civil servants in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions, Shanghai civil servants are not so popular.The salary of tianjin civil servants is not too high, the basic salary is about 5000-7000 yuan, but there is one advantage of tianjin civil servants, that is, many units have supplementary provident fund.Many tianjin civil servants’ salary is only about 6000 yuan, and their provident fund is about 5000 yuan. They are very happy.The salary difference of civil servants in Tianjin is mainly in performance and creative awards, which can produce a gap of tens of thousands.Considering the housing price and consumption level in Tianjin, the cost performance is actually very good.Tianjin local civil servant exam atmosphere is very strong, the competition is also very fierce, can take the exam is very enviable.Chongqing is different from the other three municipalities because it is so big that it is closer to a province.The development of the main city and surrounding counties is very uneven, so the main city and counties are generally separated.The treatment of civil servants in chongqing’s main urban area is very good, especially the Liangjiang New Area, which has developed rapidly in recent years, and the year-end bonus and income of civil servants are particularly high.The average salary of civil servants in the main urban areas is about 6000 yuan, which can reach 130-150,000 yuan including subsidies, provident fund and year-end bonus.If it is liangjiang New Area, the number can exceed 200,000 at most, so many people have applied for jobs in Liangjiang New Area in recent years, which is very sweet.And the surrounding area county is relatively a few lower, especially the northern area county, a year can reach 13, 40 thousand good.But chongqing’s district and county housing prices are low, the district and county room only thousands of square, but here life is very happy.What do you think of the salary level of civil servants in these municipalities?Can say oneself view!