Attended the classmate reunion many times, finally understood!These 2 types of people are not invited to attend!

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Guide language: I believe that everyone more or less have participated in the classmate party, some people on the classmate party is fundamentally less than please, and some people like to attend the classmate party especially, some people behavior on the classmate party is more low-key.But some people’s behavior is more high-profile, especially like to show off, whether it is to show off knowledge or need money and show off their marriage and so on.At the reunion, those who are low-key and capable are especially popular.One, in the classmate party there are two kinds of people are hard to please, there are two kinds of person is on-call, people years of a classmate party, have summed up the experience in 1, on the reunion of the performance of the students tend to have different classmates party includes the primary school students, junior high school reunion, high school reunion,College reunions or other reunions. There are so many reunions where people meet all kinds of people.Xiao Liu is an ordinary college student, after graduating from college, he also participated in a lot of classmates’ parties. Now it has been 10 years since graduating from college, and the number of parties is more and more.In the classmate party xiao Liu has summed up a set of experience, found that some people are very like to attend the classmate party, but some people are how please can not please.Some people at the time of reunion is often not found these people are usually two kinds of people, 1 kind of person is goes wrong on the job after graduation, mix’s, 2 kind of person is during reading achievement is not so good, so a classmate party feel no meaning, because reading s bad grades may seem a little inferiority.If you go to a reunion, you might even get teased by other students, which would be humiliating and would have saved you a lot of embarrassment.But on the other hand, there are two groups of people who are particularly fond of going to reunions. These two groups are almost always on call, no matter what level of reunions they attend.These two groups include the first group of people who have done exceptionally well after working.Some people, although they did not get good grades in school, have reached a higher position at work.Some people have become directors of large enterprises, or even senior managers in enterprises and institutions.Such a person is particularly like to attend the classmate party, is because in the society mixed well, so when attending the classmate party will have a special sense of accomplishment, looking at those who are better than themselves, but not as good as their own classmates, their hearts more or less will get some comfort.The second group is also particularly fond of going to school reunions. This is the group that did particularly well in school.Such a person no matter which level of students, will become a shining point.In the school years if the grades are good, later to participate in the reunion, we will discuss and communicate more with these students, or find common topics with these students.Such students seem to become the focus of the audience.Two, in the classmate party, even if mixed well, there is no need to show off too proud 1, learn to low-key life to do things, to be able to become a major climate some people is not seen the world, mixed a little bit better then a little bit, think they are very great, think they made much money.Such people are petty, have not seen the big world, the real mix of words of the people they are very capable and promising, is really worthy of people’s respect of talent, is a person who can become a big climate.If you are really a good person, very capable and rich, then please keep a low profile, because the tree catches the wind, if you are too proud, there may be some unnecessary mischief.After a person has achieved, with money, the most rare is to learn to understand the classmates and friends around, to learn to respect others around, but also to take care of others in behavior.Such a person, whether in life or in business, will be respected by people, but also by everyone like.Some people in classmate party very low-key, but these people are not obvious, and capable of 2, low-key and capable person, is often worth more to make friends with some people in classmate party has shown his own money, also did not show their abilities, some people they are very low-key, but mix well, have a big villa mansion.People who own expensive cars and do well in business or other positions don’t talk too loudly or say how great they are. Instead, they keep a low profile.This kind of person is worth making friends with, because a low-key and capable person can often help you in some way.Classmate party is also a chance to maintain interpersonal relationship, since in the classmate party met some of the students who mix well, met some of the more excellent people, we should communicate with them more, and they contact.Conclusion: I do not know when the classmate party has become a very topic of the place, some people especially like to attend the classmate party, but some people do not like to attend the classmate party.No matter what you did at work or what your previous achievements were, don’t be too self-abased, and certainly don’t be too proud.In the classmate party to learn to respect others, also need to learn to restrain the edge, can become great.