Xudong Village, Shigu District: Lantern show, dragon lantern dance and Yuanxiao

2022-04-30 0 By

Rednet moment Hengyang February 16 news (correspondent Li Wenlian Yi Xin reporter Wang Min intern Qi Meihua) every family lights up for blessing, bustling fifteenth day of the first month.A dream lantern Exhibition is held in Xudong Village of Shigu District in Hengyang City, East China’s Hengyang City, Feb. 15, 2019. The 2022 Dream lantern Exhibition is held in Xiangzhangyuan Ecological Park, attracting villagers and tourists.”A city, a lantern meeting, a year old meet”.More than 3,000 lanterns and 11 sets of lanterns are lit up along the 800-meter corridor to shine on the winter night, attracting a crowd of people.The colorful 2022 Dream lantern Exhibition will create a spectacular scene of “Fire tree and silver flower never night”.Firecrackers and gongs were loud.As the night deepened, two dragon lanterns lit up the lights.Dragon lantern, also known as dragon dance, is an ancient Chinese folk culture.In the fireworks embellish, like the dragon roamed the sky general, attracted villagers and photography enthusiasts from afar to watch, have raised mobile phone cameras, leaving this shocking moment.”Every Spring Festival, Hengyang and surrounding villages have dragon lantern dance, Lantern Festival customs, this year is no exception.This year’s Lantern Festival I and my parents came to See the dragon lanterns in Xudong Village, Jiaoshan Town, Shigu District. The dragon lantern dance not only embodies the villagers’ good wishes for peace and prosperity and good weather, but also dances out of a healthy body and adds a thick festive atmosphere in the countryside.”Tourist Yin Qiqi said.