The “Warm Winter Campaign” continues to heat up castle Peak as temperatures plunge

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With the Chinese New Year approaching, the temperature drop in a large area has hit again. The “Warm Winter Campaign” keeps warming castle Peak!In recent days, various streets and units in Qingshan District have carried out a series of Spring Festival consolation activities to send winter warmth to workers with new employment forms, retired military personnel and people in need, and to send the care and care of the Party and the government to the door.As the winter rain falls, the qingshan District Federation of Trade Unions has turned into a heart-warming red.On the morning of January 21, qingshan District staff service center Jiangcheng Beehive (love station) has welcomed more than 20 people, such as truck drivers, couriers, cleaners, food delivery staff.The qingshan Federation of Trade Unions gave them a heart-warming gift package, a traffic safety lecture hall and festival greetings.Police officer Zhang of Qingshan District traffic brigade brought a small lecture of “Traffic safety with me” to the workers of new employment forms.A police officer by “electric safety travel ten defence measures” short video showing, common sense interpretation of the rules, case analysis, field interaction, explain for everybody, fatigue driving, speeding the dangers of drunk driving, etc, and from two aspects of social responsibility, family responsibility, reminded his workmates altogether contrary to traffic regulations of bad habits,Conscientiously abide by road traffic safety laws and regulations, enhance the awareness of safe and civilized travel, and give play to the role of new employment patterns and industries as models and leaders.Relevant person in charge of the workers present rice, cooking oil, black fungus, tremella, shiitake, black tea and other “warm heart gift package”, and carefully told everyone to pay attention to personal protection, pay attention to safety, and encouraged everyone to work in their respective posts dedication, struggle.Later, the staff introduced jiangcheng Honeycomb integral reporting work for the workers, and told us that when we encounter problems in daily work, we can “readily take photos, do it attentively”, actively participate in social governance, act as volunteers, and exchange gifts for the integral reporting Courier little brother.Cold wind stacked winter rain, labor union to send warmth.”Since JOINING the labor union, I feel that I am also an organized person. I have something to rely on and a warm home. This New Year gift is especially warm!”Next, Qingshan Federation of Trade Unions will continue to carry out various activities in accordance with local conditions, in order to send help, send the law, send warmth, send care and other “four send” activities, to help new forms of employment workers to solve practical problems, with intimate and warm service, continue to practice the practice of “I do practical things for the masses”.”Thank you very much for the care and help of our veterans from the Party and the government!Solved my housing problem!”In the Hachang neighborhood of Honggang City, former soldier Master Chen looks at his new house with gratitude.The revolutionary spirit of the veterans will never fade, and their caring enthusiasm will never fade.With the purpose of “strengthening the service consciousness, refining the service content, optimizing the service mode and improving the service style”, Honggang Street continues to do practical things for the retired veterans, relieve their worries and difficulties, care and comfort, and put the little love on the ground to describe the situation of the military and the people together.Chen, a retired soldier, was injured in the war of self-defence against Vietnam in the 1980s. He lost his ability to work and has been in poor health.Although the veteran is old, the Party’s care does not fade.After knowing the situation, honggangcheng Street service station for veterans immediately applied for the public rental housing certificate for Chen in accordance with relevant policies.In addition, the staff often went to Chen’s residence to have a long talk with him, concerned about his living conditions, informed him of the job fair information, and encouraged him to participate in more activities such as watching movies and drama, actively integrate into the society and enrich his daily life.In the face of the staff’s warm care, Master Chen was very moved.Finally, thanks to the concerted efforts of many parties, Chen finally got his own house in 2022, just before the Spring Festival.”Thanks to the Party and the government for our veterans’ life care!The stone has fallen!”On the eve of the Spring Festival, honggangcheng Street Party Member Mass Service Center opened the “government affairs Flow Service Through train” into the service station for ex-servicemen. Through the “veterans always follow the Party, send the Care of the Party to the hearts of the veterans” theme condolence activity, the warmth of winter to the hearts of ex-servicemen.Staff members of the Erjie Community veterans Service Station send festive greetings to veteran Liu at his home in Beijing, Capital of China, Jan. 18, 2018.Master Liu is seriously ill and has a lot of medical expenses every month. The community staff sent him sympathy money, inquired in detail about the old man’s physical condition and family life, and sent him to the red Steel city street veteran service station specially customized veteran commemorative album and New Year pictures.Before leaving, the staff told Master Liu to keep a good mood, life difficulties can contact the community at any time, the community will try to help solve.Master Liu shook the hands of the staff and said gratefully: “Thank you for your concern, this Spring Festival feels particularly warm!””This New Year’s blessing is too rich, thank you for your warmth!”On the eve of the Spring Festival, ganghua Village street joined hands with a caring enterprise — Hubei Dading Deyuan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. to help and comfort them, sending care and warmth to the homes of needy people in 121 communities, which was warmly responded by residents.Early in the morning, ganghua village, together with the charity enterprise, accompanied by 121 community staff, went to the families of the community to visit the condolence activity, and sent the condolence goods full of love — strawberries, local chickens, fresh vegetables and thick festival wishes to their hands and hearts.The condolence activity visited a total of 121 communities of 50 families in need of people, love enterprise staff, street responsible person and they have a heart-to-heart talk, carefully asked their life and physical situation, encourage them to build up confidence in life, work within their power, and strive to overcome life difficulties.”Thank you very much!Thank you for your blessings and greetings, you are really good members of society!”Ms. Ke, who received her condolences, said excitedly, “In the New Year, I will continue to work hard to live a prosperous life!”Love, said an official with the enterprise support activity, they hope to love, as to help poor families, and said the company will continue to conduct such activities, actively fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise “two new organizations”, as always support poor, through the company’s good deeds bring more entrepreneurs and loving people to participate in poverty alleviation, let more difficult families.Winter warm heart action continues to warm castle Peak this winter castle peak is no longer cold product: The Communist Party of China Castle Peak District Committee Publicity Department Qingshan District Rong Media Center source: comprehensive