Comrade Jia Xiaofeng led a team to supervise the traffic security work during the Spring Festival

2022-04-30 0 By

On February 5, Chongxin County Public Security Bureau party committee member, deputy political commissary Jia Xiaofeng led inspectors, traffic police brigade personnel have in-depth huanghua Gemu Road duty point, Dawan Ridge duty point, new kiln squadron, the Spring Festival traffic security work and ice and snow section of the supervision and inspection.At each duty station, Comrade Jia Xiaofeng had a detailed understanding of the duty preparation, police force deployment and the implementation of traffic safety management measures during the Spring Festival, and put forward four requirements for traffic safety management during the Spring Festival:First, we must firmly adhere to the work philosophy of “putting the people and life first”, overcome fatigue and weariness, continue to carry forward the spirit of enduring hardship and enduring hard work in continuous operations, and fully perform our duties to ensure that roads are safe, smooth and orderly.Second, in strict accordance with the deployment requirements during the Spring Festival, we should strictly implement the wartime security discipline, police rules and regulations, and the duty preparation system.Third, while strictly enforcing the law, we should attach great importance to the safety and protection work of the civilian auxiliary police in accordance with the requirements of the current epidemic prevention and control work, and pay equal attention to the strict and standardized law enforcement and safety protection to ensure the safety of the civilian auxiliary police.Fourth, we need to do the traffic safety management of severe weather conditions, the current during the Spring Festival travel peak and the Beijing Olympic security, light snow has fallen and combined with the jurisdiction, icy roads slippery, each ZhiQinDian personnel to improve stance, strengthening bear, takes office, carries forward the successive fine style, to pay special attention to the road traffic safety management work.