Take the subway to play Chengdu | these treasure parks arranged up (a)

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Today is the second day of the New Year. As you are staying in Chengdu for the New Year, do you want to take a look around?Dear Xiaojin helped you sort out the low-carbon green “take the subway to the park travel guide”, quickly arrange it!Among the many parks in Chengdu, the People’s Park, which has a history of one hundred years, has always been special in the hearts of Chengdu people.Old teahouse, dating corner, children’s playground…There are a lot of people’s memories and new scenes to discover.● Take subway Line 1, get off at Tianfu Square Station, and walk about 600 meters.Or take subway Line 2, get off at People’s Park station, walk more than 500 meters to arrive.Jiaozi Park, a park the size of 42 football fields, is located in chengdu City.When night falls and the lights come on, the twin Towers of the City are reflected in the park lake, which is another beautiful enjoyment.Why don’t you arrange it?Travel tips — Take Metro Line 1, get off at The City Station, and walk about 1.3 kilometers;Or take Subway Line 9, Line 18, get off at Hatching Yuan Station, walk about 1 km to get there.Photo: Chengdu Gaoxin Park is very suitable for family outing. It has complete facilities, such as greenway and children’s amusement park.Bring the kids and you can have a whole day!● Take subway Line 1, get off at Century City Station, and walk more than 700 meters to arrive.Photo: The 1000 mu large lake area of Chengdu Gaoxing, European towers and colorful houses are reflected in the lake…In South Lake Park, ecological wet area, Erjiang Temple protection area, European customs area, riverside forest landscape belt, forest landscape around the lake, bring people the unique experience of “ten steps of different scenes”.● Take subway Line 1, get off at Huayang Station, and transfer to BUS T201 to get out of the subway station.Photo: On a fine day, Xinglong Lake is sparkling and leaves on both sides are fluttering in the wind.Riding a bike on the track with a breeze, very comfortable!● Take metro Line 1, get off at Xinglong Lake Station, and walk more than 800 meters there.Photo: Jinniu District, Chengdu, jinniu District, palmtop Taurus is located outside the North third Ring Road, tianfu Jincheng, “Eight streets, nine lanes and ten scenes”, one of the ten scenes, is also a supporting project for the Universiade.Between the sparkling water, the petal-shaped building has a special flavor.The recently popular biennale is on show here until April 6.● Take subway Line 2, get off at Yingbin Avenue station, and walk about 600 meters.Huanxi was famous for poet Du Fu.The landscape of the park blends, plum Garden, Green wave Lake, Tree Garden, Egret Island……Here leisurely leisurely tea, scenery, flowers, can be regarded as a good place for leisure.● Take Metro Line 2, get off at The Big Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and walk about 1.4 kilometers;Or take metro Line 5, get off at Qingyanggong Station, walk about 1 km to get there.According to the picture: The splendid Qingyang Park is novel and elegant in layout with luxuriant flowers and trees.Rocks, waterfalls, streams, pavilions distributed in the meantime, each was wonderful, interesting endless.● Take metro Line 2, get off at Tonghuimen Station, and walk about 800 meters there.During the epidemic, everyone should also do a good job of epidemic prevention measures!In addition, there are two more tomorrow, welcome to pay attention.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news source Chengdu metro reporter Yuan Hong editor Wang Ling proofread Li Min