New vocational college students spend the Spring Festival in different places, feeling the warmth of mine “home”

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Zaozhuang News posted Spring Festival couplets, dumplings, catch the festival…Although it is the New Year, but in jiangzhuang coal mine new entry college students Yi Zhipeng, Bao Hongwei, Zhao Xiaojing, Deng Yue, Zhou Fenghe heart, this Spring Festival can be said to be a warmth, culture, connotation, touched…They were pleasantly surprised and rewarded.”I can fry popcorn, eat tanghulu, knead dough figures and write” Fu “on the spot. The ‘Lunar New Year’s Feast’ in our mine really makes me have a full addiction.My workers and I came home with a lot of goods. It was a very meaningful Spring Festival.”Zhao Xiaojing, a college student from Shanxi Province, said.After the “New Year festival”, and then to the “laughing words in the Spring” New Year’s Party “show” skill, singing a passionate song “Country”, eulogizing the great era……This Spring Festival, Zhao Xiaojing and the college students that cent comes together with her are busy catching “field”, busy happy, a rich and colorful cultural and sports activity brings them again and again surprise, blast joy.In particular, mine specially held for college students “youth to the future · Dream in Jiang Mine” college students welcome the New Year growth meeting, more let them feel the enterprise’s respect and care.”The mine is very thoughtful for us, let us feel full of heart, in the mine to celebrate the New Year than in the hometown more lively.””Said Yi Zhipeng, a new college student from Hunan.Yi Zhipeng told reporters, this full heart not only reflected in the spiritual level of care, but also reflected in all aspects.Can’t go home for the New Year, he specially recorded a happy New Year video to parents, in the video he let parents rest assured that the benefits of Jiangzhuang coal mine is good, as well as the New Year gift package, this New Year he harvest a lot, surprises.In addition, Yi zhipeng said there was another surprise that he had not thought of before, that is, from New Year’s Eve to the third day of the first lunar month, the mine provided free dumplings for four consecutive days, but also free rice, let him feel the warmth of “at home in the mine”, away from the sorrow of homesickness.”Sister Chen and her family were very kind to me. I felt at home there. We made dumplings together, played with children and learned to play mahjong.Chen Yanjie also took me out to feel the folk customs of Xue City, this New Year’s Eve I will never forget.”At the invitation of her workmate Chen Yan, Deng Yue, a new college student from Heilongjiang province, came to Xue Cheng to celebrate the New Year with Chen Yan’s family.Zhao Xiaojing and Zhou Fenghe from Guangxi province also spent this New Year’s Eve very meaningful, although not around their parents, but the same sense of ceremony can not be less, they will first send the Spring Festival couplets posted on the door, and then cut stuffing, flour, rolling skin, also made a table of sumptuous dishes.”Do it yourself!Look at the dumplings made by ourselves. They are delicious and beautiful.Mom and dad, when we get home, I’ll give you a taste.”In the video, the two young girls greet their families with Chinese New Year greetings.”The welfare benefits of the unit is good, I put the unit sent all the shopping coupons to purchase the New Year’s goods sent home, and gave mom and dad a big red envelope.”Zhao Xiaojing said proudly.Bao Hongwei from Inner Mongolia is a technician trainee in the second fully mechanized mining area of Jiangzhuang Coal Mine. He chose to stick to his post during the Spring Festival and went to 100 meters underground with dai Zhaoxian, the master and the district head of the second fully mechanized mining area, to accumulate work experience on site and spend the New Year in his post with his colleagues.”Under the guidance of my master, I have basically mastered the working principle of the intelligent working surface.In the New Year, I will continue to improve my technical level and working ability to contribute to the transformation and breakthrough of the group.”Package magnificent confidently said.Yi Zhipeng, who works in Jiangzhuang coal mine, also chose to stick to it. He is mainly responsible for the statistics and reporting of all kinds of environmental protection data, and goes deep into the main control room to copy data. It is a fine method of living that must play twelve points of spirit.”This work requires us to be very careful, if one place is wrong, then the whole report will be wrong, will delay our production, so we can not be careless.”Yi Zhipeng said.This Spring Festival, jiangzhuang coal mine five “wave” happy, busy, harvest, although can not go home for the New Year, but all the time feel the warmth of the mine family.In the New Year, they look forward to the future of the mine and their own future.(Reporter Zhang Liping correspondent Yin Lijun)