From “The World” to see the Chinese traditional concept of “unfilial there are three, no descendants is the biggest” deep solid

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“There are three forms of unfilial piety, the greatest of which is to have no heirs” comes from Mencius · Lilou Shang.The original text is: “There are three unfilial things, namely, shun without a heir is the greatest, and shun married without a heir.When the sage Shun married his wife, he did not report to his parents in advance.This practice is seen as failing a junior’s due duty, which is intended to encourage and persuade the junior to do their due duty.Of course, for thousands of years after Mencius, people’s understanding of this sentence deviated from mencius’ original intention, which was mostly understood as the greatest unfilial to have no children.This idea and concept has been deeply implanted in the secular concept of the Chinese people, and has been accepted by the majority of people.The story of bingyi in order to love, can not bear the pain and suffering of zhou family, also reflects the sadness and helplessness of human nature.In Today’s China, although people’s concept is changing, the birth of a son and a daughter can carry on the family line, but the traditional concept is still so deeply rooted in the heart of the vast majority of people, they want to have a boy, or good things in pairs, a son and a daughter.I think it’s just human nature, and there’s nothing right or wrong about it.Perhaps with the further development of society, people are not worried about food and clothing, people are not worried about the elderly, this concept may gradually fade away.