Driving on highway! Two kids in trunk, driving for fun?

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Popular Newspaper · Popular Daily client 2022-02-09 18:40:34

February 4, Jining high-speed traffic police detachment police in qufu toll station routine inspection, found a Lu H license plate private car suspected overmanned.After checking, the car nuclear load 5 people, real load 8 people, among them in the trunk actually sat a child.The driver said, a family plan from Qufu on the highway, feel the road is not far, lucky squeeze.According to the regulations, those who exceed 20% will be given 6 points and fined 200 yuan.The column “Free Running high Speed” is jointly produced by The Traffic Administration Bureau of Shandong Provincial Public Security Department and Dazhong Daily, featuring short videos to create a new hotspot.The design has two sub-columns of highway warming alarm and highway detection, aiming to focus on typical expressway law enforcement cases, excavate the positive energy of Qilu traffic police, and carry forward the positive spirit with case argument.The column collects column materials for provincial high-speed traffic police.All in line with the column positioning, can contribute.Please submit short video material with text copy.Submission email: 279816673@qq.com, please indicate the words “Smooth xingkuai” in the title, and specify the contributor, contact person, contact information.(Report by Dazhong Daily client reporter Wu Yonggong, intern Wang Yidan, correspondent Zhao Fen)