Dream Westward Journey: what about the efficiency of team 129 of 3.5W?

2022-04-29 0 By

How efficient is a group 129 of just seconds?Five steps to show you through some data.First of all, how about this quintuple base and hardware?First: character cultivation 3 cultivation 20.Second: the skills are basically 150. Third: Summon the beast law to practice 20, attack to practice 14, double resistance 0.Fourth: auxiliary skills, strength, meditation 140, the rest of the basic no.Fifth: the front row spirit ornaments are single fixed injury, the rear row spirit ornaments are qi blood, law prevention.Sixth: the equipment is very general, 2 double 4 holes, 1 animal suit, clothes and weapons are more agile.Second, what about simplicity and efficiency?The area where the five steps are located is the Peony Pavilion in The second area of Henan Province, which is very difficult. In addition, when the five steps are 15 strokes, the 129 bells have been brushed 80 times in total, while the five steps of 1 transformation and 4 physical combinations have been brushed 50 times, and the five steps of transformation and holy combination have been brushed 65 times in total.Judging from this data, the combination efficiency of grade 129 is indeed high.In today’s rainbow mission, each of the 109 combinations in the five steps was paid 30W of fantasy coins.In combination 129, each number was brushed 50W fantasy coins;In the combination, each number was paid 50W of fantasy coins.Third, how effective are difficult tasks?These two days five steps to brush the Tongtianhe, make a scene in Tiangong, watching the drama, two star artifact, secret realm demon, feel a 3W group of 129, the efficiency is general, because the summon beast is too easy to fly, and many tasks need point S, can not use Xumi, also have to rely on attack baby.As long as the use of the attack baby, the efficiency of nature is low.This may be because the w used in the five steps is relatively small, so it cannot be pushed over. If a group of 129 is around 5W-8W, it can almost be pushed over, and the efficiency is naturally high.Conclusion: Through these two days of tasks, the deepest feeling of the five steps is: among 129 combinations of about 3W, the efficiency of simple tasks is very high, while the efficiency of difficult tasks is mediocre. More W is needed to be efficient in difficult tasks.Play around, or the same sentence: “to improve efficiency, need W,” although this sentence is nonsense, but really true