Dragon Lady in order to match with Timmy unexpectedly did so, fortunately Red Boy was more sober to stop her

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Introduction: in the last episode of the story, we said that the dragon lady met the person she liked, what will she do next?Would you just go after that guy?Let’s take a look.Since The Dragon Lady fell in love with Timmy, she began to pay attention to her clothes and her manners. On the day of school on Monday, she wore a small skirt, which looked very elegant. The Dragon Lady asked Red Boy if her dress was nice, would Timmy like it?Red Boy said calmly, don’t you think you two are not well matched physically?What does it have to do with how you dress?!Dragon woman think red boy said reasonable, so she also changed into the original form, red children see dragon woman this way, simply speechless, bowed his head to her said, you still put on your pants first, hurry up to school, otherwise a while late…In order to show good will to Timmy, the Dragon Lady often brushes her presence in front of Timmy after school to show her elegant hair, while Timmy thinks that the dragon Lady is blocking her with her hair. In order to see Timmy more, the Dragon Lady will quietly follow him for a way after school. Although the Dragon Lady does not mean anything, Timmy still feels very uneasy.Timmy also often appear on the desk, the American big red squid, and other small snacks, but he doesn’t know who sent it, also don’t know why other people gave him this, ignorant Timmy had told his mother, these experiences he thought he was hate, but his mother told him, what is that there must be a misunderstanding, is certainly not annoying!After all how to correctly express their own mind, online for dragon female solutions.For more exciting content, come to the house of Strange man animation