Actively respond to all 149 staff of Luquan Power Supply Bureau to ensure people’s electricity during the Spring Festival

2022-04-29 0 By

“Once there is a customer fault repair, in the premise of ensuring safety, the first time out for repair.The masses must not be allowed to spend the Lunar New Year in darkness.”On January 31, Chinese New Year’s Eve, the shift leaders of Kunming Luquan Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid convened the on-duty personnel to rearrange the emergency work.At present, all 149 emergency and Spring Festival duty personnel of luquan Power Supply Bureau have arrived at their posts and implemented the orange alert for low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster and the Spring Festival power supply protection work in an orderly manner.As early as January 27, the Kunming Power Supply Bureau launched an orange alert for low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disasters after receiving warnings from emergency and meteorological authorities.Zhei and Malu townships in Luquan County, Kunming, began to drop and snow on the night of January 30.Luquan power supply bureau, strictly implement the early warning and response, and the Spring Festival to protect power supply scheme, black, red deer, east Germany, Shang Lang 16 power substation to strengthen meteorological disaster monitoring, verify again clean up in preparation for emergency equipment, emergency supplies, emergency power generation equipment, emergency lighting equipment maintenance, internal and external preparation for emergency team verify, ensure that emergency force to pull out,Equipment is needed.At the same time, high attention should be paid to the load changes of the distribution transformer stations, and the overload of the stations should be taken as a key concern, so as to strictly prevent the power failure caused by the large power consumption of residents during the holidays.Once an emergency occurs, each power supply station will reasonably realize the linkage of personnel and equipment between each power supply station according to the geographical location, and deal with the emergency with the strongest force and optimal configuration.Kunming Daily all media reporter: Miao Yaping Correspondent: Long Zhenjiang liu Jinfu Editor: Mo Kaijing Editor: Zhou Jianjun final: Qian Hongbing