The original god: the winter Olympic music library, miha swim again sent 1600 stones to celebrate?

2022-04-28 0 By

I don’t know if you have seen it, on February 11, the official announcement of the Original God: The original God music has been selected for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.For the original god, very proud thing, this time the crossover broken ring, also explains the original god’s given, on the music of the investment and production level, not only the love of the players at home and abroad, also received the affirmation of the state, I think every one like the god game players will feel happy, make it, and have a splendid.Careful netizens have found that the staff in the picture above is the second half of the song “Borigue”, which is also the BGM of last year’s Hawali Animation.Being tone-deaf, I couldn’t understand it at all.From the official announcement, the selected song: the first song “Liyue Liyue” is the background OF the game Liyue Port area BGM, the song style is soft;The second song “Contemplation in Snow White” was played by Abedo in a light and electric way.The third song “Rapid as Wildfires” is a battle music in The Borizue area. The whole song is passionate.All the songs are suitable for different scenes and individual sports events of the Winter Olympic Games, and strive to bring unforgettable auditory feelings for the audience and athletes.The original god was announced yesterday to be included in the winter Olympic music library.However, according to the scene to watch the game friends said, before the scene heard the music of the original god, put is the song of the original god north Wind Wolf.You had to be there to hear it, and the TV was covered by the announcer’s impassioned commentary.All in all, congratulations. I would like to say that the previous TGA awards have given out 1600 rough stones to celebrate, and I wonder if this time we should show our appreciation.Here is a 40 stone activity to share, some of you may have taken, mainly for those who did not take the friends.Open the official mi You Club APP of the original god, click On The top of the home page of “Huxinghuasan”, and when you go in, you see Yaejo Kamiko shopping. As long as you keep clicking and sharing, and collect 4 pictures, you can immediately get 40 stones and some materials.