Hebei focuses on building two “one kilometer”

2022-04-28 0 By

Liu Lianjun, reporter of Science and Technology Daily, with the spirit of “sharpen one sword for ten years”, has been working intensively on the basic research of “the first kilometer”, allowing “no ringing for ten years”, and striving for “a surprise”.We will focus on developing, strengthening and improving the real economy, vigorously promote high-quality development of industries, and ensure that scientific and technological advances are applied in the last mile.At the 2022 Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Work Conference on Jan 26, Long Fenjie, party secretary and director of the Science and Technology Department of hebei Province, said that the province is building a project evaluation and achievement evaluation system.According to introduction, starting from the demand of high quality development of hebei province industry and technology supply of colleges and universities, the system in “what to evaluate” “who to evaluate” “how to evaluate” “how to use” four aspects clear ideas and measures, focus on promoting the deep integration of industry, learning, research and use, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into industrialization.Around the “review”, relying on results show trading center in hebei province, by analyzing industry leading enterprises, science and technology enterprises, and “new” specialization, the technical requirements of the enterprise, and through the “JieBang 1”, joint research, introduced from both academics and technology supply matching, form of form used to carry out evaluation of the project.Centering on “who will evaluate”, according to the idea of “three steps” to develop evaluation institutions in Hebei Province, relying on hebei Industrial Research Institute to establish professional pilot evaluation institutions;On the basis of pilot, guide the provincial backbone university technology transfer institutions to carry out evaluation;To study and formulate standards and general rules for evaluation institutions in Hebei Province, and establish a batch of market-oriented third-party evaluation institutions.Around “how to evaluate”, establish evaluation standard of Hebei province.The r&d activities from “laboratory” to “production line” are divided into 13 levels, including project r&d and achievement transformation.Through evaluation and evaluation, it accurately represents the technological advancement, technological maturity, industrialization prospect, market value and transformation risk of the project and the achievement, so as to provide value reference for the social and economic behaviors such as technology trading, achievement transformation, technology financing and government support of the project and the achievement.Focusing on “how to use” to make capital understand science and technology, we will build a policy toolkit of “attracting investment in science and technology” featuring “information disclosure of evaluation results + financial support for science and technology + diversified investment and financing from the society”, and improve investment and financing measures in the whole chain of high and new technologies from concept proposal, laboratory verification to transformation and application.At the same time, we will continue to meet the country’s major needs and speed up breakthroughs in key and core technologies, so as to both solve the “bottleneck” problem and build “assassin’s mace”.We will continue to focus on people’s lives and health, strengthen the supply of science and technology related to people’s wellbeing, and meet their ever-growing needs for a better life.Key words: Hebei two