Dong Qing’s life photos are rarely exposed, carrying 66,000 Hermes drivers to pick her up, standing in an attractive posture

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Dong Qing in the impression of elegant temperament, wearing CCTV has always maintained the aesthetic requirements of dignified and elegant emotional appeal, to meet the real identity characteristics of the aura.In 2021, I once again regretted the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The first sister’s aesthetic sentiment was still there, and few photos of her life were exposed.She waited for the driver to pick her up at the door of the hotel, her clothes not particularly cold, not particularly warm.She doesn’t want to wear casual street style clothes.Instead, she kept the same design in front of her.She wore a minimalist caramel coat, presenting an elegant halo image in a traditional minimalist style.The tall soldier posture also reveals the precise positioning of the private brand image.It really takes elegance to heart.Dong Qing’s daily wear: the design style is simple, but advanced fashion.With the change of aesthetic concept of social development, fashion elements will have certain changes every year.However, basic styles and basic colors are the most classic categories preserved through layer by layer aesthetic concepts.They’re incredibly diverse, but they also stand the test of time.Throughout dong Qing’s modelling design, it is really the ultimate interpretation of the classic.The fusion of classic categories and classic colors, and the matching skills of two kinds of colors all over the body, fully release the more concise and advanced aesthetic core concepts.Modeling design color contrast solution skills are very advanced.The overall two color collocation skills show the perfect and simple function of color, but the best also depends on light camel + lemon yellow, gray black + black gray camel + lemon yellow, gray black + black black gray overlay, release the artistic aesthetics of color levels.Prompt.Dong Qing color contrast resolution skills are very advanced, especially in the application of high contrast color contrast, such as the colour of traditional lighting skills we almost, but high contrast tonal collocation is easy to look stiff, how to solve the stiff and administrative levels, the most traditional skills is to use the same color line, inside and outside the echo tie-in skill, such as Dong Qing, pay attention to the brightness and contrast,The actual effect that pays attention to colour marked more and administrative levels sense, colour is overmuch, modelling is designed more appropriate.The basic style is often very popular, the key is due to the diversity of the style itself, Dong Qing has a strong working color aesthetic characteristics, really give full play to the perfection of the classic, not only the color contrast is no difference, even the style choice is particularly traditional.Classic H long coat contains obvious workplace colors, integrated with skinny pants, simple wire-frame simple and neat feeling fully presented, evoking her exquisite and down-to-earth aura, all have elite fans, give a person’s ability aura, design style without delay, although not too much attention to the practical effect,But the overall traditional design style fully demonstrates the practical effect that the workplace must be elegant and appropriate.Excellent modelling design can create 1+1& GT;The actual effect of 2, on the basis of making full use of all kinds of fashion trends, can be completely combined into a whole, in the design style to promote and broaden each other.The modelling design that resembles Dong Qing is same, H model long coat established whole traditional duty field style.Other accessory choices are closely matched around the characteristics of the workplace style, and even the sophisticated short hair maintains the traditional entry-level aesthetic.Brand bag is the primary task of the whole body styling design, there is no big logo element support, but it is easier to identify than the basic long coat styling design, 66,000 Hermes bag, key points to improve the styling design identification, while allowing a sense of level to be improved faster.Like other central television host, Dong Qing clothes or relatively single, but are not easy to produce the practical effects of the boring key design style, or with my aura to look every time ordinary modelling design features in the best case, can give full play to the advantages, appropriate design style than a simple note inappropriate change too much.