The director dares to say, this is not friends

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On the 30th and the first day of the New Year, someone sent movie tickets to The end of The saddle, but the end of the condition is not allowed, so we did not see the end of the film review of the end of the saddle, that is the reason.So, The saddle out looked at other people’s film reviews, did not expect to see a director’s film reviews, and too dare to say, ha ha.On the whole, several blockbusters in the Spring Festival are fighting fiercely. Watergate Bridge has won the first place at the box office, Zhang Yimou’s sniper has won the first place in the word of mouth, The killer Is not too cold has become a dark horse, and han Han’s “Four Corners”, which was highly popular throughout the Internet marketing, has been praised and become the worst film in the Spring Festival.Before writing this article, Ann went to douban to check the rating of this Han film, 5.6 points, is completely hopeless, had to 13 percent of the love film, there is no doubt that it is bad film.For this movie, netizens have a lot of opinions, one of the more opinions is that the movie’s reputation is related to the heroine Liu Haocun. Ann knows that she does have some negative gossip news, and maybe it does have some influence.But to say that the film’s demise was entirely due to her would be a lie.Han han’s movie, with almost half the stars of the entertainment industry, a very eye-catching all-star cast, why is the movie so bad?Saddle out specially to browse the movie review, of course, is the long film review, the results found that popular film review, ranked in the top three are all one star bad review, visible, this movie is how bad.And is not Liu Haocun starring, apparently there is no too big relationship.Some netizens are already predicting the future of Han Han, saying that no one will dare to watch his next movie…Below is a screenshot of today’s latest film reviews that Ann found.But this is not the most surprising thing, the most surprising thing is that the big director also wrote a film review, friends see the picture below, this is too powerful, too dare to say, good honest director, really a little bit of the shadow of an extinguish, I don’t know if it is an extinguish possessed, ha ha.Dare to write so openly on the Internet film review, in addition to the saddle out, will there be anyone.Sure enough, the director soon put his film review to delete, still can not do it, ha ha, still afraid of ah.However, does not matter, as the following netizen said, we have seen.”Once you say that, you can’t be a friend,” one netizen commented.It’s a bit serious.At best, it’s no longer friends, at worst, it’s whether or not you want to continue making movies, whether or not you want to continue in the entertainment industry.On the first day of the Chinese New Year, China’s men’s football team lost to Vietnam by a historic score.That’s it. Do you want to be in this business anymore.Han Han’s films, from his first film “The Continent”, this film Also saw, the film is low-key, using a lot of metaphor, the film is critical, tragic color, so the reputation is good.And now the Four Seas, pegasus before it already had the taste and shadow of a bad movie, but it was covered up by the sound of people sucking up.Between you and me, I give Pegasus one point, which is clearly a bad movie.From the beginning of Pegasus, it has been obvious that Han han is no longer low-key, but too floating, floating to the point of not knowing his last name.It’s not surprising that the reputation of the Four Seas could collapse like this. It’s quite normal.Han Han is just a microcosm of our current society.