Taiwanese arlo’s New Year in Shanghai: Busy and happy!

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Shanghai, February 5 (Xinhua)”I was in Shanghai this Spring Festival.I’m a music director!Welcome to the studio and cheer for the Winter Olympic athletes.Come on, mount it!”On the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Taiwan resident Arlo appeared in an online broadcast room decorated with elements of the Winter Olympics and teamed up with mainland anchor Haohuo to promote good things from both sides of the Strait.Arlo, born Chiu Ching Ling, was a well-known variety director in Taiwan.11 years ago, I came to mainland China and settled down with my favorite girl in Fuzhou.He later fought alone in Shanghai under the encouragement of his wife Jonathan during his last live broadcast on the Internet.This is arlo’s first Chinese New Year in Shanghai.”Busy” has become the key word for the New Year of the Arlo Tiger.Arlo, a former basketball player and producer of big inspirational competitive sports shows like Come on Champion, has a soft spot for the Beijing Winter Olympics.To this end, he specially on the eve of the Spring Festival visited Taiwan qiaoshan fitness Equipment (Shanghai) Co., LTD.Qiaoshan, founded 47 years ago, is the largest fitness equipment manufacturer in Asia and the third largest in the world. It is also one of the suppliers for the Beijing Winter Olympics.After the visit, Arlo will be a variety of “winter Olympics with money” fitness equipment into the studio.In addition to live with the goods, Arlo also took his fans to visit the AR digital art exhibition of “Shanghai Bai Gong Bright Intangible Heritage” by video.Scan the pictures on the wall with your phone or tablet and watch a 3D documentary directed by Taiwanese director Qu Quanli.From brush to woodblock watermarking, from plain homesickness to gorgeous cheongsam, from the exquisite gold and silver work, to their own unique porcelain carving, stone carving, micro-carving…Arlo was excited by the wonderful life of Shanghai’s intangible heritage skills and non-inheritors.”The true craftsman is alone, but the soul that perseveres will be seen.”Arlo said that one of the important arrangements during the Spring Festival is to work with mainland partners to plan post-festival cooperation, so that more compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits can learn about Shanghai’s intangible cultural heritage and “see” the profound Shanghai culture hidden in the extraordinary works.Visit a friend’s home in Shanghai, taste the authentic Shanghai New Year’s Eve dinner, and experience the fun of “saying it’s difficult to say it’s simple”;Make an appointment with your basketball friends to play a basketball game and feel the smooth sweat in winter.Enjoy the flavor of Shanghai New Year while running with the “runners” of Shanghai Tour Group.It’s been a busy and happy year for Arlo, who is in his 40s.But Arlo had his moments.Arlo’s eyes welled up when he heard his father chiu Chung Ming say, “We miss you so much” and “wish you a successful New Year.””Love you!Think you!I wish you a healthy and better New Year!”Wiping away his tears, Arlo smiled and promised his father that he would come back to Taiwan sometime after the Spring Festival.I hope the epidemic will dissipate as soon as possible and families will be reunited at an early date.In Arlo’s opinion, this is his heart, and must be the New Year’s wish of many Taiwan compatriots staying in the mainland like him.