Spring Festival fire prevention “not closed” our city strictly prevent and control forest fires

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The inspectors with a desk, a pen and armbands stick to the spot every day, closely strengthen monitoring, on duty and emergency preparedness, do a good job in the registration of mountain sacrifice, and publicize the forest fire prevention laws and regulations and relevant knowledge…This is the reporter in suining township to see the scene.During the Spring Festival, sacrificial activities are more frequent.In order to further strengthen the forest fire prevention and emergency preparedness, all levels of the city’s departments layer upon layer of responsibility, strict prevention and control, effectively implement the forest fire prevention and control work, to ensure the safety of forest resources.February 3 at 9 o ‘clock in the morning, in the chuanshan district town of xinyang village forest fire propaganda card point, several staff are on the passing vehicles and pedestrians for forest fire propaganda.The reporter saw that the card point surrounding with forest fire prevention propaganda slogans, and equipped with fire extinguishers, chainsaws, cutting irrigation machine, fire gloves and other appliances.According to one of the staff, at present, the new Village of each important mountain pass are special personnel inspection, all flammable and explosive items are prohibited to go up the mountain, once the source of fire inspection team will be immediately disposed of.Through recent publicity and guidance, the villagers have actively cooperated with the forest fire prevention work, and there has been no emergency situation.”Please register and do not burn paper or set off firecrackers on the mountain during the sacrifice.”Qi Village, a resort in Chuanshan District.”Our home is much safer with them on guard.”According to a villager, more and more people go home for the Spring Festival, many people will not put out the fire after the sacrifice, easy to cause a fire, now the city’s departments at all levels of strict prevention and control of forest fires, let everyone carry the heart also fell to the ground.It is understood that during the Spring Festival, the city at all levels of departments strictly implement the city baoxian (city, district), county (city, district) baoxiang (town), township (town) Baoshan village (group), group baoshan, baoshan household, forest rangers “grid management” responsibility, weave dense forest fire prevention safety net.Period, relevant departments of in and out of the main intersections in key areas and key nodes set up posts, increase the propaganda and guidance, fully implementing “fire prevention code”, to carry out the personnel guards, and take “man-to-man” on a “more”, increase farming, folk in the fire with fire and minors and mental retardation personnel without civil capacity or with limited capacity for civil conduct personnel supervision,And equipped with fire fighting team and fire fighting equipment materials, to further enhance the forest fire prevention and emergency response capacity.Source: All media reporter Lv Miao Editor: Yang Xuewen He Jing Editor: Ran Qixiang Final: Li Xinghong