Five words of advice from a 56-year-old mother

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Today is the fifth day of the first lunar month, 10 days before the end of the “Spring Festival”.Say 10 days, in fact, as long as the New Year’s day, “year” is over.From the 23rd Little New Year of the twelfth lunar month to the fifth day of the first lunar month, all kinds of things happen during this hot period.My 56-year-old mother took the opportunity to share with me the following five pieces of life advice.On the second day of the twelfth lunar month, my aunt suddenly felt uncomfortable with her heart and was sent to the hospital by my uncle.Mother heard from the uncle’s son, uncle’s son IQ problems, equivalent to half a fool, some years ago married a similar daughter-in-law, gave birth to two daughters, the eldest daughter is ok, but the second daughter has some problems, now four years old still can’t walk and talk.Aunt has a heart attack, they are a big family, all rely on uncle support, busy.Aunt heart trouble, uncle afraid of heart attack, immediately sent to the hospital, stay there with aunt, so, there are only a few people to worry about.When my mother heard about it, she went home and asked my father to call my uncle and see if he could go to the hospital to see them.Dad and uncle are brothers. Mom is doing this to bring them closer. It would be better for dad to ask.Mother said, brothers are the most close, just like us three sisters, to the future is the closest to each other.In life and work, we should consider the overall situation. Besides, we are the closest family members, so we should put aside all small matters and emotions. What we should consider is how to help and what we should do in a crisis.Family harmony is a happy thing. If brothers are in trouble, not only other people can see jokes, but even their own family can’t stand it.We have a fierce dog in our house, very territorial consciousness, let alone outsiders, even I, if I pull it to sleep in the nest, it can also purr, want to rush up to bite me.On the second day of the lunar New Year, a distant relative came to my house. My father didn’t pay attention to tie the dog. The dog saw a stranger come in and shua rushed up and scratched the relative.Maybe I wanted to test it, but I didn’t bite it, but my relative was also scratched by the dog’s teeth. There was no bleeding, but the surrounding turned purple.Relatives refused his mother to play the idea of vaccines, although it does not matter to go, but my mother is very worried, she and father to discuss, make a phone call to ask, transfer money to him, after all, is the New Year, plus indeed purple.It happened because of my dog. Finally, mom turned over 1000 yuan.She said, “The first thing you should think about is not trouble or expense, but responsibility. If you are responsible for your own responsibility, you should bear it. You can’t escape it.Work can never lose the job, is a person’s confidence to spend money, is a woman’s confidence to spend money.Maybe he was too poor to be stingy with himself and others.The first thing he did when he came back from work was to ask his mother how much money they had and how much they spent.Every time he does not do things to spend money, he always feel that spending a lot, some waste.I can’t see it, so just say him.Mom said, my dad is like this, so many years, can not change him, can only slowly change their mentality, my dad said, let him go, we listen to it.Is this truth, but I still love my mother dearly, so every time to transfer money to her, advised her to save a small Treasury bar.Mother smiled, after a few days, she told me that work cannot be lost, especially after marriage, must have their own work, so you don’t like her, spend money have to be father, and said, although the father is not malicious, but if it is the money you earn, no matter how many, their spending also comfortable, also be able to say what I want to buy what to buy.This year I changed my job from a big city to a small city, and my salary has shrunk exponentially.Mom asked me how much MONEY I had saved in the five months since I came back, and I said 0.It is also true that after coming back, the salary shrank more than 5 times, more than 2000 yuan a month, transfer some to my mother, I spend some, plus the New Year’s day various red envelope transfer to buy things, basically every month is the moonlight clan.Mom sighed and said she didn’t want me to live in a small city.Although I am at home, she can call me anything, very comfortable, but she still wants me to go to the big city, meet once, big city, more opportunities.She didn’t want me to save money. She just wanted me to play around and see the world and broaden my horizons and find something for myself that I could love and do for the rest of my life.At the same time, she wants us to find and stabilize.Mom some regret to say that, at the beginning when she was young, the family is too poor, she can only get married early, no such condition, our time but we are young, parents body is healthy, do, she didn’t want me to waste this opportunity and conditions, she said, while parents body are ok, was desperate I still want to go out when I was young.I don’t think it’s appropriate to say this, but dad was a mama’s boy, although not so much now.My grandmother has a strong sense of pride and has experienced a lot of things. Her whole life, she has to struggle for breath. Therefore, she has a strong desire to control everything and wants to do everything according to her will.My father was a man without ideas. Since childhood, he always listened to his grandmother, which led to many conflicts and quarrels between his mother and him when he was young.Other people’s children, are coaxed daughter-in-law, while coaxed mother, let the home and everything.On the other hand, mama’s boy only listens to his mother and does what she tells him to do without any thinking of his own.In the early years, my mother saw my father was too hard and wanted to buy a machine to press corn. My grandmother disagreed, saying that it was useless to buy it, so my father disagreed, and my mother said nothing.Finally, my mother asked the working sister for money and bought the machine, which has saved us a lot of effort every year until now.Today, when I was walking on the road, my mother mentioned the past and felt miserable. She told me that I should never marry a mama’s boy. There are many unexpected problems between most mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and mama’s boy will add more problems and make these problems more difficult.Conclusion ONCE UPON a time I always feel that there is really no so many things at home, now think about it, but also because I was not at home, mother also forbear not to say.This year my mother has told me very few things and used them to tell me how to behave and do things.I looked at my mother’s white hair, thinking, this is her half life experience, with half life to realize the advice.It is true that only by standing on the shoulders of great men can one see farther.I share this advice with you. I hope that in 2022, we will live up to ourselves and do things worthy of ourselves.