5 kinds of succulents suitable for novices, take root and grow new leaves in 7 days

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Suitable for novice 5 succulents, planted 7 days to take root and grow new leaves, a casual state of the meat has always been a flower friends like a plant, rich variety, high ornamental value, different varieties have different characteristics, looks very good-looking.But many novice flower friends for the first time raise succulent plants, do not know what varieties are more appropriate, today xiaobian to share several suitable for novice flower friends maintenance of succulent plants, growing strong, very easy to state, like succulent friends come to see it.1, Orange Monroe orange Monroe is also a more classic succulent plant, this succulent before the price is more expensive, now a few dollars can buy a plant, thick and round leaves, long after the state is orange-red, there are some white frost, it really looks too good.The maintenance of orange Monroe must be exposed to the sun, but also need to pay attention to, do not frequent watering, if too much watering, the plant is prone to water rot, seriously affect the appearance.Can supplement a few compound fertilizer in growing period, growing situation is met better.2, blue apple this kind of meaty really like apple general, look very good, and also very easy to explode young, in the autumn and winter season, with the right temperature difference and sufficient light, the edge of the leaf will slowly become red, really is very charming.We care for blue apples, can wait for dry soil and then water, a few yuan a plant, very suitable for novice maintenance.3, ebony ebony is a popular meat in the East Cloud system. This kind of meat is not expensive, but also very tough and good-looking.We maintain ebony, must be more in the sun, and such as pot soil dry after watering, so that the leaves are overbearing side leakage, pay attention to more ventilation, the growth of the plant will be better.4, Guanghangong this kind of succulent is relatively large, compared to other succulents, the leaves will be thin, but there are thick white powder on the leaves, it looks good, Guanghangong growth is vigorous, usually recommended to use a larger pot planting, more sun, soil permeability is good, the growth of the plant will be better.5, peach this kind of sucky leaves tender and lovely, really like peach general, the price is more expensive at the beginning, but because now much more breeding, so the price is cheaper, even ordinary people can keep good.Peach looks very nice, usually planted in loose breathable soil, and some more granular soil, growth can be vigorous.Today xiaobian to share these kinds of good looking succulent plants, each is very suitable for novice flower friends, like succulent friends can try, we have several kinds of?