Xiao Bagua, Yin Zheng, Autumn Porcelain Dazzle Yu Xiaoguang, Nanyan Zhai Records, an Yixuan, Luo Zhixiang

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1. Did Yin Zheng send Blades to Han Han?This is obviously for the promotion of the new movie. Recently, because of the high “stock” of the Chinese New Year movie, many netizens have spontaneously boycotted it. This is also the reason that more people watch Miracle and other movies.”The Four Seas” invested a lot of money at the beginning, and the studio has to do something every now and then to attract attention.Yin zheng’s condition has changed a lot since he lost the weight. His whole face is swollen. He is aware of the comments on the Internet and will personally block netizens.In the past two years, Yin Zheng’s career has been on the decline, his enthusiasm for losing weight has been attacked again, his commercial value is not as good as before, his new film is not good, he is quite worried.But after all, there is a capital behind the eyes of deer, her film box office will not be too ugly, even if the net friend spontaneous mine, somebody else still have operation to make the result more beautiful.Yoon jeong is not single now, her other half is also an insider, and she is quite beautiful. The couple has been living together for some time.2. What happened to Yu Xiaoguang?That’s what it is. They’re just like any other couple in the community.Even after Yu xiaoguang was reported to have had intimate encounters with other women, Qiu jinj-hyun never abandoned him.It is not that she has not thought of breaking up, but every time after the incident was exposed, he would humbly promise not to do it again, even the guarantee letter has been written several times.Yu xiaoguang has been popular in the country of Kimchi and has received many endorsements from the country. However, the country is very strict with its entertainers, and many kimchi netizens have criticized him on social media after his private life was exposed.Yu Xiaoguang sees him in pickle country mix not go down, want to transfer the center of gravity back inland, he is contacting husband and wife reality show variety.The couple show their love for a long time is to warm up for the follow-up, their combined price is not very high, there are several platforms in contact at present.Han ban on autumn porcelain dazzle effect is not particularly big, coupled with now is loosening, Chinese netizens on autumn porcelain dazzle impression is quite good.In fact, One of the important reasons why Qiu Jizhun never abandons her is that her parents-in-law treat her like a daughter, and she does not want to live up to the two old people.3. When will Records of Nanyanzhai be published?”Records of South Smoke Zhai” has been backlogged for a long time, has not broadcast the news, the drama side is also trying to clear relations, to find a solution, so that the drama can be online as soon as possible.At the beginning of the play is to want to star, including a lot of projects are to prepare for the star, but some actor out of the problem, just can’t broadcast.This is not a way to go down, play side has contacted the platform, want to go network broadcast this road.Webcasts are less stringent in terms of censorship and can go live faster, and investors will raise a fuss if they delay any longer.God Buddha is very, she is not very concerned about, and at the beginning of this play when she and the cast are not very happy.Jing Boran will let the staff to inquire about progress from time to time, he actually attaches great importance to this play, had entered the group did not spend less time on the role.In addition well Boran’s emotional life is also very rich, the other half of the style is not single.B: well…4. Is An Yixuan ridiculed by Big S?An Yixuan and big S used to be very good sisters, and then because of the man two people broke off.Big S divorce after she did not less and sister joke, at the beginning of an Yixuan wang Xiaofei with love is very deep, she also took the initiative to chase Wang Xiaofei, but was good sisters dug the corner.When S got married, she naturally played second fiddle and found a richer one.After marriage, she stayed at home to take care of her husband and children.However, An Yixuan’s husband also overturned the car, how to say that these “rich businessman” industry is not particularly clean, really thorough investigation, sooner or later will be exposed.But An’s own family is rich, she is pulling strings to get her husband out.She tried reaching out to her own girl group, but the plastic sisters stayed away when they heard anything.S also said a few words after hearing the news, in short, it is probably impossible for the two to reconcile, they were really ugly.An Yixuan emotional aspects not quite shun, before she was pry corner.5. No changes in Luo Zhixiang’s private life?Luo Zhixiang has been in the bay bay side of the comeback, in order to get the right resources behind, let his career back on track, he did not ask friends to say a few good words in front of the camera.Including a bay bay host in the children’s wedding speech, in fact, is to wash luo Zhixiang.He apologized on social media, but remained the same in private.Time management master and his artist relationship is very ambiguous, the artist has the key to his home, the original time management master came to the mainland to participate in the talent show, but also planned to choose a concubine, after the program recording also took the initiative to add a lot of little sister’s contact information.Ex-girlfriend hand has a lot of his black material, is also taking into account so many years of feelings to give him a chance of survival.Time management master after the hammer more careful, will not easily determine the relationship, and he will go to date with the little sister will check the other party has a mobile phone and other recording devices.Mainland boycott him, he is in the bay bay comeback, after all, bay bay is his base camp, he played in bay bay more flowers, three days two about brothers open a party.