UFC stand fight!MMA legends take on the audience and beat each other up

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According to TMZ, Don Frye, the 56-year-old MMA legend and former UFC no-difference champion, got into a heated argument in the stands during a recent UFC 270 fight.It is said that the drunken spectator’s demand for a fight so infuriated Don Frye that he punched his opponent in the face causing a ruckus.In addition, Don Frye is said to have been challenging current UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou to a showdown.As Frye later explained, the drunk man in the stands at UFC 270 hit his hat, led to a heated argument, and the drunk man challenged him in public, which infuriated the former champion.Perhaps unaware that he was up against a terrifying fighting machine, the angry Don Frye ended up punching him in the face, barely knocking him out.Don Frye was talked out of the room by another person, and there was a lot of heckling and commotion, and a lot of shock in the audience.Don Frye stayed on to watch The title fight and the drunk man was removed from the ring.Don Frye, an MMA legend, was one of the most popular fighters of his era, with his fierce wrestling and heavy punches, and his personality as the live-action Version of Kombat Whirlwind.Don Frye, with a career record of 20-9-1 and no results, is 9-1 in the UFC. He is the first fighter in UFC history to win three fights in less than a minute, and the first fighter in UFC history to win five consecutive fights.Don frye went to UFC8 in February 1996 and won the championship by (T) knockout of three consecutive opponents.He also won the UFC Ultimate 1996 Eights title in December 1996.However, the boxing fans in China are most impressed by his 2002 boxing duel with Japanese wrestling master Yoshihiro Takayama. The “heavy artillery duel” between the two giants caused a great sensation.Don Frye also defeated the famous sumo wrestler Etaro.Don Frye has also competed in Pride, Hero'S and K-1, announced his retirement at the end of 2011.In fact, Don Frye hadn’t stepped into the ring again in the past decade, but he always wanted to make a comeback and was willing to fight Narganno.