Say no to us hegemonic acts!China backs Russia in heated confrontation at UN

2022-04-26 0 By

The Russia-Ukraine issue is probably the most serious international issue of the moment. Although Russia has repeatedly said that it will not launch an attack on its own, the United States has never stopped exaggerating the tension, using a megaphone to spread the word about an imminent Russian “invasion” of Ukraine, set for February this year.In addition, the United States has called for a meeting of the Security Council to discuss the situation in order to make the situation in Ukraine an international issue.Unexpectedly, Russia and the US are once again at loggerheads over the issue.Many members acknowledged that the meeting was not conducive to the unity of the Security Council.In the following vote, China and Russia joined forces to oppose it.The United Nations has convened a meeting to discuss Ukraine at the request of the United States.But everyone knows that the US action only makes the situation more complicated.There is little doubt that the United States plans to reach a consensus at the meeting on Russia’s attempts to “invade” Ukraine.Generally speaking, as a responsible major country, China will never allow such a black and white situation to happen.Moreover, the relationship between Russia and China is very close, not Allies, but more than Allies.So China stepped up at a critical moment.During the vote, China and Russia joined forces in opposition.Ten other countries voted in favour and three abstained.Indeed, it is not unusual for the United States, as a permanent member of the Security Council, to ask the United Nations to convene meetings to discuss major international issues.The United States, however, has an odd reason for calling for UN action against a permanent member of the Security Council, citing suspicions of Russian aggression in Ukraine.Where does the United States put the United Nations with this abuse of power?The United States has claimed that Russia has called up 100,000 troops, but has yet to produce evidence to back that up.Stranger still, Russia has tried to deny this fact, and some Ukrainian officials, including Ukraine’s president, recently said that Russia was not preparing an “invasion” of Ukraine, demanding that the United States stop speculating about it.In addition, the United States has long had the largest military presence abroad.American soldiers and weapons, especially nuclear weapons, are deployed thousands of kilometers away from the United States, which is the biggest threat to global security.There is no war in the world today without the intervention of the United States.There is no doubt that America is the biggest destroyer of world peace.Part of the news reference source:, reference information network