During the Spring Festival, guangxi transportation and electric power departments took many measures to ensure services

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During the Spring Festival, urban traffic flow and household electricity consumption are gradually rising.Nanning, Chongzuo, laibin and other relevant departments plan in advance, actively respond to the security measures in advance.After the Lunar New Year, the long-distance passenger flow gradually decreases before the Spring Festival, and the short-distance passenger flow gradually increases in the area.To ensure migrant workers’ travel, China Railway Nanning Bureau Group Co., Ltd. plans to add daily trains between Zhanjiang and West of Shenzhen from February 4 to 13.From February 6 to 13, trains from Xingyi to Hangzhou, Nanning to Xingyi and Xingyi to Guangzhou East will be added daily.From February 8 to 15, the train from Hangzhou to Nanning will be added daily.From February 11 to 26, the train from Nandan to Zhanjiang will be added daily, and the original train from Shenzhen east to Jinchengjiang will be extended to Nandan.Like land transport, water routes remain busy during the Spring Festival.The staff of laibin Maritime Bureau increased the inspection of ships, focusing on the inspection of the ship’s fire and life saving equipment is intact, whether there is overloaded transportation and other violations, supervision of the dock site during the Spring Festival on duty, the implementation of safety responsibilities, etc.During the Spring Festival, laibin Maritime Administration implemented 24-hour all-weather guard system, combined with electronic inspection of the area of water traffic safety monitoring 24 hours.Wang Xianzhi, deputy chief of laibin Sea Patrol Law enforcement Brigade, said: “We carried out a hidden danger investigation on ships and reminded them to do a good job of anchoring duty during the Spring Festival and pay attention to the ‘three prevention’ work.After that, we will conduct a review of their potential projects.”On the eve of the Spring Festival holiday, Chongzuo city actively organized the relevant departments of power to carry out the troubleshooting of power facilities to ensure the timely elimination of potential faults of power equipment.In Jiangnan Street, Jiangzhou District, the staff of the electric power department carried out a special investigation of hidden dangers of electric power equipment in view of the concentrated characteristics of villages, relocation sites and large shopping malls in urban areas under the jurisdiction of the city.Southern power grid and new power group left part in guangxi electric power supply company Pan Wensheng, manager of the taiping power substation “to protect our residents during the Spring Festival normal electricity within their respective jurisdictions, we set up the party member service, door-to-door service, the problems of the residential electricity during the Spring Festival, we have arranged two team for manned 24 hours a day, to ensure normal power of residents.”In addition, the power staff also combined with the actual situation of the grass-roots people in the holiday electricity consumption increase, for the local people to explain the common sense of electricity and electricity matters needing attention, improve the safety awareness of electricity.Chongzuo City, Jiangnan Street, Xinmin Community, Zhutou Shatun villager Ling Xinxiong: “Normally what we encounter is electricity leakage and switch trip, we will directly find the emergency repair department to rush to repair, we do not touch.”(Reporter Hua Yingping, Correspondent Liang Ning, He Danlan)