The warmth and warmth of the Double Olympic City

2022-04-25 0 By

On February 4, 2022, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which attracted worldwide attention, opened as scheduled. Beijing, the ancient Oriental capital with a history of more than 3,000 years, has added the glory of “the City of Double Olympics”.On the eve of the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the reporter embarks on a dream trip of the Winter Olympics full of expectations and blessings.After traveling more than 1,700 kilometers from Lanzhou to Beijing, we entered the closed loop and felt every moment the warmth and warmth of Beijing, the “Double Olympic City”.”Together into the future, we all have love to open all doors…”Out of the Capital airport to take a taxi, the car is playing enthusiastic rhythm of the Winter Olympics theme slogan to promote the song “together to the future”, the driver Li master skillfully sing along.”The song is catchy, pyrotechnic, melodic and positive. The lyrics describe the sincere enthusiasm of welcoming athletes from all over the world at the Beijing Winter Olympics. I love to hear it.”Knowing that the reporter is coming to participate in the winter Olympic Games coverage work, Master Li opened his mouth and pointed to the most left lane of the expressway to introduce that the Special lane for the Winter Olympic Games has been in use for the winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.”Taxi drivers and citizens across the city consciously abide by the rules and do not occupy dedicated lanes.”Li said with a smile that ensuring the smooth passage of the Olympic personnel is his contribution to the Winter Olympics.Arriving at the hotel, Master Li helped the reporter move out of the taxi luggage, did not forget to send warm wishes: “The Winter Olympics coverage all goes well.”Under strict quarantine measures, everything is running efficiently.The hotel for journalists is dedicated to the media of this Winter Olympic Games.Enter the hotel, after a series of health checks for good check-in procedures, reporters formally entered the closed loop management.The closed-loop shuttle bus to the main media center of this Winter Olympics has been transformed. A glass “wall” has been installed in the cab of the bus to separate the driver from passengers. All seats in the bus are strictly set up in accordance with the safe distance, and there are signs for taking seats at intervals.The staff introduced that the closed-loop shuttle bus is point-to-point, and passengers are not allowed to get off during the journey.When each car reaches 50% occupancy, it departs and standby vehicles are ready to replace it.After a 20-minute drive, you arrive at the main media Center.The magnificent building in front of us is desirable.The main working area of the center has four floors, which can meet all the living and working needs of journalists from all over the world.Walking into the hall on the first floor of the center, the mascot bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong are waving their hands to welcome journalists from home and abroad.They are surrounded by glittering and translucent snowflake decorations, making visitors feel as if they are in a “world of ice and snow”.In the smart restaurant on the negative first floor, many Chinese and foreign journalists marvel at the high-tech dining experience.Intelligent stir-frying machine is working, robot “chef” each has a division of labor, Chinese baozai fan, dongpo pork, Western-style hamburger, meat sauce complexion fragrance.The smart food delivery code is scanned by the phone, and the food is delivered to the diner within minutes by the robot, all without a server.The media workspace is set on the negative second floor in the center.It is equipped with network cables, large live broadcast screens and other facilities. Volunteer service Windows are arranged neatly, and camera rental and storage locker rental services provide convenience for journalists.At the same time, also set up sleep rest cabin, so that everyone in the tense work have a comfortable place to rest.In the next ten days, the highlights of the Winter Olympics will be transmitted from the main media center to every corner of the world, and we will witness the feast of the Winter Olympics together with journalists from all over the world.Everyone said, “Double Olympic city” every detail is showing the hot “Beijing temperature”.